Oody’s Bar and Restaurant Dinner

Oody’s Bar and Restaurant Dinner


While browsing where to eat at Greenbelt 3, we decided to try out Oody’s Bar and Restaurant. They specialize in Thai Food and for me, that means spicy food. It’s a good thing that they added a label to their menu so that we would know which dishes are spicy and which are not.

Oody's Bar and Restaurant Tofu Tod

Oody’s Bar and Restaurant Tofu Tod – PHP 228

Triangular shaped tofu with a special sauce and special dip. It was meaty without the sour taste.

Oody's Bar and Restaurant Bagoong Rice

Oody’s Bar and Restaurant Bagoong Rice – PHP 198

This was literally rice with bagoong (shrimp paste). In every spoonful, you will really taste the bagoong. This is good enough for two people or one hungry person. It comes with sili, dried mango, salted egg, pepino, tocino, onions, eggs, and other ingredients I couldn’t identify.

Oody's Bar and Restaurant Chicken Pandan

Oody’s Bar and Restaurant Chicken Pandan – PHP 188

Delicious! Too bad there were only six ( 6 ) small pieces per order because I wanted more! You can really taste the juicy taste that got infused into the tender chicken meat.

Oody's Bar and Restaurant Singaporean Pad Thai

Oody’s Bar and Restaurant Singaporean Pad Thai – PHP 203

Rice noodles with bean sprouts, bell peppers and slices of pork. Its very similar to the Bihon Guisado but the noodles in the Pad thai were less soggy and it has this curry smell. Jessa asked me and I also wondered, why did I order the Singaporean version if we are trying out Thai Cuisine?

Oody's Bar and Restaurant Sukhothai

Oody’s Bar and Restaurant Sukhothai – PHP 213

This was one of their best sellers and it also had two chili icons on it that means very hot. Upon tasting it, it was ok.. but a few seconds later… my glass was empty. The Sukhothai has exceeded my spicy threshold that I couldn’t take a few sips on the soup without attacking my drink.

As for drinks, I ordered Pandan Iced Tea while Jessa ordered Lemongrass Juice. Both were bottomless and very refreshing. They don’t give you that full feeling so you can drown yourself with as many glasses as you can and you won’t feel guilty that you can’t eat the other dishes anymore. We usually don’t order drinks in a restaurant but Oody’s drinks would be an exemption.


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Oody’s Bar and Restaurant, Greenbelt 3
2/Lvl. Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center
Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 757-4259

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