Organique Acai Launches New Face

Organique Acai Launches New Face

Organique Acai New

Organique Acai New Design

Organique Acai recently held an event to unveil their bottle’s new packaging and to introduce their newest celebrity endorser: supermodel Tweetie De Leon Gonzales.

Held at Makati Shangri-La; Organique through Cathy Salimbangon (and Elton, her husband) announced to everyone the new face of Organique Acai bottles and their new brand ambassador. It was no other than Tweetie De Leon Gonzales.

My first introduction to Organique Acai was a few months ago and it has become a permanent resident in our refrigerator. Aside from tasting good (sweet and a bit viscous), I believe in the health benefits that it brings to my body after taking it in. I couldn’t say much on what happens on the inside but I feel that my energy levels are higher and I’m more alert during the day (less yawning come afternoon).

History of Organique Acai

Organique Acai Snacks

Snacks made from Organique Acai

Organique started about five years ago through the life realizations of Elton and Cathy Salimbangon. Their hectic schedule has been a constant drain to their energy levels and realized that this has to change. Elton found a job at an organic juice manufacturing company and they both learned and found an opportunity to create a health-related beverage. After doing research on the product / ingredients, they decided to act on it and Organique was born.

The product designs were something that they just made as they started their business. Initially their goal was to spread awareness about the health benefits of Acai and sell their product. It started to go mainstream as it became available in drug stores and supermarkets and more people knew about it.

The New Design

Organique Acai New

Organique Acai New Design / Packaging

As the company continues to grow; they found the need to have a redesign of their product’s image. Luckily, a top designer that they met has agreed to give the design a facelift and we now stand witness to the new, elegant and premium design of their premium product.

New Face of Organique

Organique Acai Tweetie De Leon

Organique Acai’s Newest Endorser – Tweetie De Leon

In line with this, they have also invited Tweetie De Leon to be their newest brand ambassador. I was amazed to see how fit she was. Tweetie shared that keeping fit has always been part of her lifestyle. She was into sports during her younger years and she has continued to keep her active lifestyle through out the years. She also claims that it does help that her husband was health conscious as well as so she has her own personal human reminder.

Organique Acai Launch

Organique Acai Launches their new Design

Organique Acai is a great product and I’m glad to have known about it. To end, Allow me to share their tagline…

It’s not just a drink; it’s a lifestyle


Disclosure: Organique Acai paid for our meals

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