Oriang by Café de Bonifacio Dinner

Oriang by Café de Bonifacio Dinner

Oriang by Café de Bonifacio

When I heard about Oriang from Michy, I initially thought it was a Korean restaurant and with Café de Bonifacio besides its name, I thought it was a Korean-Filipino fusion. Apparently, I’m wrong because it’s not Korean Cuisine. According to history, Oriang was the nickname of Gregoria de Jesus and the wife of Andres Bonifacio (where was I in my history classes?).

If you have been to Café de Bonifacio then you would be familiar with the menu of Oriang as some were from there. However, they do have their own distinct dishes that if it does well on one restaurant, it will also be introduced in the other (e.g. sharing strengths and helping each other grow like married couples). Now let’s eat!

Oriang Crispy Noodles with Pesto

Oriang Crispy Noodles with Pesto

We started off our meal with an appetizer.

and two more…

Oriang Lumpiang Hubad in Pastry Cups

Oriang Lumpiang Hubad in Pastry Cups

Our signature appetizer; unique serving of the familiar classic lumpia

A new and more challenging way to eat Lumpia. Although it was mostly vegetables (or all of it), I didn’t seem to notice it as I liked how the flavors blended. Crunchiness at every bite.

Oriang Gambas Al Ajillio

Oriang Gambas Al Ajillio – PHP 275

Shrimp sautéed in garlic and pepper

If only I didn’t have companions, I could have finished all the shrimps in this dish… too bad we had to share. A hint of spice, a hint of garlic and everything nice?

…moving on to the main dishes…

Oriang Nilagang Bulalo

Oriang Nilagang Bulalo – PHP 325

Beef shanks simmer till fork tender; served with assorted fresh vegetables

I wish I could have gotten a better picture of the nilagang bulalo as this shot doesn’t make you want to say, “I want an order, make that two of these right now!”. When the description mentioned fork tender, they weren’t kidding. It was really good and you know what else,

Oriang Nilagang Bulalo Bone Marrow

The golden treasure inside this bone was ignored … until I extracted it and savored it all!

Oriang Binagoongang Bagnet

Oriang Binagoongang Bagnet – PHP 185

Crispy pork bagnet tossed in our own binagoongan sauce.

Another new combination for me. Not really a fan of bagoong but it managed to add a bit of saltiness to the bagnet which would equate to a spoonful of rice. I liked how the bagnet still managed to retain its crispiness despite being drenched in the sauce.

and these dishes are better if you add rice so…

Oriang Super Fried Rice

Oriang Super Fried Rice – PHP 215

Rice sautéed in taba ng talangka, loads of garlic, with grilled liempo strips and vigan longganisa.

The rice itself was already a viand on its own. Forget about your diet, declare cheat day and simply dig in.

…I hope there’s still room for dessert.

Oriang Leche Flan Coffee

Oriang Leche Flan Coffee – PHP 70

Ahhh my favorite (not the coffee)! Your spoon won’t easily break its body (maybe due to coffee) but it is still very creamy and yummy! I’m not a coffee drinker but since it was mixed into my favorite dessert, I don’t mind.

Oriang Turon De Gregoria

Oriang Turon de Gregoria

Caramelized bananas, plated ala Napoleon style drizzled with caramelized palm sugar

Caramel… Banana… Sold! I didn’t have to think twice to try out this dessert.

Oriang Ginumis

Oriang Ginumis – PHP 85

A medley of sago and gulaman in a coconut cream topped with roasted rice crisps.

Similar to halo halo except.. you enjoy it with a straw and maybe, much more closer to sago-gulaman instead?

Generally, people (me guilty) would avoid eating at Filipino themed restaurants because of the idea that it is already what we are eating at home but at Oriang, they managed to get past that idea. I enjoyed writing this post and reminiscing about our dinner; Great food and with the company of  friends. I’ll definitely be back here to try out their other dishes like their soups and grilled entries.

Disclosure: Oriang paid for our meal

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Fiesta Market Area, Market Market
Market! Market!, Carlos P. Garcia Ave
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
(02) 869 8967


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