Outback Steakhouse Weekly Lunch Specials

Outback Steakhouse Weekly Lunch Specials

Outback Steakhouse Kookaburra Wings Mild Full
Outback Steakhouse Kookaburra Wings Mild Full – One of their best sellers! Hot and spicy chicken with a bleu cheese dip.

I have to say that as much as I’d like to eat out at Outback Steakhouse; I’m intimidated with the idea they might create a huge dent in my wallet. For years of passing through their restaurant at Glorietta I never entered. I always thought that their target market would be catered more to foreigners (based on the customers I see when I pass through) and their price range would be around at least PHP 800 per meal. Now that’s a lot of assumptions right?

Thanks to an invite that I received; I was able to dine at Outback and learn more about the restaurant (and correct my assumptions along the way).  Outback used to be part of the Bistro Group but they have since parted ways. Outback is now managed through their foreign headquarters but they still try to tailor their dishes to the locals.

For this event, we were introduced to their Weekday Lunch Specials (a special menu made for thrifty individuals like me) and some of their Limited Time Only Dishes.

The Weekday Lunch Specials are available from Monday to Friday; 11am to 3pm. These lunch specials can go for as low as PHP 199 per meal and by adding PHP 95, you get the soup of the day and a soft drink to make it a complete meal. I sound like a TV ad.

Here’s some of the items that we tried (I would like to apologize for how the pictures turned out… low light is not really a good friend of mine :( )

Outback Steakhouse Chicken Fried Chicken

Chicken Fried Chicken – PHP 199

The classic fried chicken topped with gravy while on top of mashed potatoes. Kids will love it and you will too if you are looking for a simple meal.

Outback Steakhouse Classic Florentine Pasta

Classic Florentine Pasta – PHP 299

Hooray for Butter garlic shrimps! Oh wait… I mean, butter garlic penne pasta in marinara sauce! Carbo-loading with a twist for those who loves red sauce pasta.

Outback Steakhouse Grilled Fish Marsala

Grilled Fish Marsala – PHP 199

A light snack, i mean, meal for the health conscious. Grilled fish topped with mushroom and spinach sauce; paired with steamed veggies and mashed potatoes. Although the fish itself tastes bland, the sauce rescues it and they match perfectly.

Outback Steakhouse Teriyaki Beef Medallions

Teriyaki Beef Medallions – PHP 499

It is presented as a beef kebab but definitely better. The marinate was teriyaki so expect a hint of sweetness but what makes it outstanding, yes outstanding, would be the taste of the beef. Very tender, juicy and in a bite size so you just need to flick it into your mouth.

Outback Steakhouse Black Peppered Steak

Black Pepper Steak – PHP 459

It is starting! The steak revolution! The Teriyaki Beef Medallions gave us a hint on what’s coming up and now we have the black pepper steak. You still get the same tenderness and juiciness (steak was cooked medium-well) but you will have to contend with the peppery taste it brings forward. Not too strong but just right. Personally, it didn’t bother me at all! I enjoyed every bite of it.

That’s all we had for the Weekday Lunch Specials but they still have other items in the menu that you can browse below.

Now moving on to the limited menu items…

Outback Steakhouse Nachos with Spinach Artichoke Dip (Limited)

Spinach Artichoke Dip – PHP 329

These dip based appetizers are getting popular and for a good reason. They bring a lot of flavor to jump start your appetite but not enough to fill your tummy. Again, we have spinach and cheese together in one dish; that makes it the third for just this post right?

Outback Steakhouse Baby Back Ribs (Limited)

BBQ Beef Ribs – PHP 1,199

I’m surprised that ribs were a limited time offer until I read that it is beef ribs. Ribs usually bring out the caveman in me but not that night. My taste buds were overpowered by the delicious steaks to fully appreciate the dish.

Outback Steakhouse Filet Oscar (Limited)

Filet Oscar – PHP 1,099

How can I enjoy beef ribs when this suddenly landed on our table? No matter how the shrimps tried to cover that fillet, it was futile! After scraping off the shrimp, we started slicing through the fillet like hot knife on butter. It was literally gone after a few seconds.

Our meal was cut short here as I had to go for a meeting :( but never the less, we left Outback Steakhouse with happy tummies! Their weekday lunch specials were not so bad nor so expensive also so it would a good choice for many especially for those who work adjacent to Glorietta. The Limited Time Only menu boasts of delicious and mouth watering dishes but might be hard of the wallet though.

Disclosure: Outback Steakhouse paid for our meal

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3 thoughts on “Outback Steakhouse Weekly Lunch Specials

  1. So many choices to make! And they all look good. Best if I go and order a different dish every day to try it all out. The Florentine pasta and the Beef Medallions were tempting then you cam out with the more expensive ones which looked good too haha.I’ve always liked their steaks although some branches don’t quite get it perfectly. That Filet Oscar is definitely a must though I could do without the accompanying shrimps. And on a side note (for the weekday lunch), I find the additional P99 for soup and softdrinks a bit steep.

  2. The Barbecue Beef Ribs look so sinful! By the way, are their meals worth the price?

  3. Never tried to dine there yet. I would love to check this resto out too coz the food looks appetizing a little bit pricy though.

So what can you say? :)