Papa John’s Big Bonanza Christmas Trio

Papa John’s Big Bonanza Christmas Trio (via Eat’s a Date)

Papa John's Big Bonanza Pizza Slice

This would be my second time joining an Eat’s A Date food event by Openrice and this time, they are having it at Papa John’s Greenhills. I have tried Papa John’s Pizza before and I really loved their pizza… the crunchy crust, the overflowing cheesiness and their garlic sauce dip instantly made me a fan.

We were served with Papa John’s latest promo, the Big Bonanza Christmas Trio.

Buy 1 Big  Bonanza Large Pizza & 4 Regular Cocacola. Get Free Nestle Drumstick loaded Ice Cream 800ml.

They also had two new offerings: Chocolate Breadsticks (PHP149) and S’mores Pie (PHP149). Now let me introduce you to the Big Bonanza Pizza.

Papa John's Big Bonanza Pizza

Papa John's Big Bonanza2

Papa John’s Big Bonanza Pizza – PHP 610 (14”)

Our Fresh Dough, with BBQ sauce, topped with Ham, Bacon, Beef, Onion, Tomato, Jalapeno and 100% mozzarella Cheese. A perfect holiday treat.

I would call this the spicy all meat pizza due to the presence of jalapenos which certainly gives a kick to the taste. What else can I say? I’m a huge fan of all meat pizzas and combine it with oozing cheese and their garlic dip.. I’m can no longer speak as I’m too busy stuffing my mouth with slice after slice.

I speak for some who usually leave out the crust when eating pizza but trust me when I say that you would not do that when you eat here because one dip is all it takes for it to be gone.

Papa John's Herb Parmesan Breadsticks

Herb Parmesan Bread Sticks w/ Pizza Sauce – PHP 90

For those who can’t get enough of Papa John’s pizza crust, well you are in luck because their break sticks has a very similar taste to their crust. It even comes with pizza sauce dip to complete the experience. I liked herb parmesan sauce as it gives out a strong flavor that helps remove the fatigue from eating too much pizza.

Papa John’s Nestle Drumstick Ice Cream 2

Nestle Drumstick Ice Cream

A mix of chocolate and vanilla ice cream with bits of chocolates mixed in. LoL that’s all I can say for ice cream.

Thank you Openrice and Papa John’s for this experience.

Disclosure: Openrice / Papa John’s Pizza paid for our meal.

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Papa John’s Pizza
53-B Annapolis St
Greenhills, San Juan
(02) 721-9676

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4 thoughts on “Papa John’s Big Bonanza Christmas Trio

  1. Rica Rodriguez says:

    Their Pizza, and cheese sticks are yummy..would definitely come back for more! :D

  2. I hope Papa John’s would have something in place for the upcoming holiday season. I love the fact that we have other choices aside from the common pizza parlors. This really gives us a whole lot more options :)

    • I’m sure they would have. :) Papa John’s has been very active in their promotions for the past year.

  3. love pizza so much..hope they had another offer like this this coming xmas season,

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