Papa John’s Pizza

Papa John’s Pizza

Papa John's Pizza

One fine afternoon, I had a craving for pizza and I brought Jessa to Papa John’s. They are currently having a 50% Off promo on selected pizzas for take out and we made sure to avail of that. You have an option to go for thin-crust or their original crust which we would have loved to try but I wasn’t able to tell the cashier about it. We found out that they include a garlic dipping sauce and a pepperoncini in every box of original crust pizza.

Papa John’s Pepperoni Pizza

Papa John’s Pepperoni Pizza 2

Papa John’s Pepperoni Pizza (Small 9”)

Still the same old pepperoni pizza flavor but more cheesy!

Papa John’s Bacon Chicken Ranch Pizza

Papa John’s Bacon Chicken Ranch Pizza 2

Papa John’s Bacon Chicken Ranch Pizza (Small 9”)

I could taste a bit of bacon and chicken on it but not much.

The pizza was delicious! The crust was soft and chewy and they were very generous on the cheese (yum yum!). A big bonus was their garlic dipping sauce (tastes like butter or margarine with garlic) where aside from giving us a new way of eating pizza, it really compliments the pizza. It’s like eating garlic bread and since their crust is soft, I didn’t have problems eating everything. I usually leave the edge when eating pizza but not with their pizza.

Papa John’s pizza instantly goes up through my favorite pizza list thanks to their delicious crust, generous servings of cheese and their garlic dipping sauce.

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Papa John’s Pizza, Makati
Unit 2 G/F Cedar Executive Bldg I, 1006 Arnaiz Ave
Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 822-5272

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  1. u8mypinkcookies says:

    i love their cheesesticks, arrabiatta and super papa pizza! they have that 50% off promo? all branches and when? i wanna try that.

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