Paris Delice (via Delivery through Foodpanda)

Paris Delice (via Delivery through Foodpanda)

Paris Delice via Delivery

This would be part two of my post (see part 1 about Foodpanda here) where the focus now would be on the food that we ordered.

Out of all the restaurants available that delivers to Makati, we picked Paris Delice because it was the first time we have heard of their restaurant and they offer a free chocolate beignet for every transaction via foodpanda (until October 31, 2014).

Paris Delice is a French fast food restaurant. Based on their menu; they have different sandwiches, hot and cold pasta, salads and macaroons! We tried our best to order one of each.

Paris Delice Chocolate Beignet

Paris Delice Chocolate Beignet – Free with every order till Oct 31, 2014

First up would be the free item that came with our order. I’m not sure how to pronounce it properly but this was like a chocolate filled bread. As you bite through the bread; be careful as the chocolate would ooze out on the holes. I believe this should be good to be served warm to maximize the chocolate flavor.

Paris Delice Macaroons

Paris Delice Macaroons – PHP 35 each
Almond meringue cookies in assortment of Buttercream

Hello there macaroons! Their macaroons are smaller than the other macaroons that I have tried but they still stayed true to the chewiness that I expected. I just had a hard time determining the flavor as the cream inside wasn’t that tasty.

Paris Delice Carbonara

Paris Delice Carbonara – PHP 195
Bacon, Heavy Cream, White Wine, Garlic, Emmental Cheese, Provence, Herbs, Parsley

The carbonara was how we expected it should be; Light, creamy with a mildly salty bacon on it!

Paris Delice Chicken Curry

Paris Delice Chicken Curry – PHP 195
Liguine Pasta, Curry Sauce, Carrots, Chicken Breast Fillet, Cherry Tomatoes

Of all that we tried; this was the dish that wasn’t how we imagined it to be. Aside from the chicken breast fillet that was delicious; the pasta tasted bland! It does have the smell of curry but we weren’t able to recognize it from eating the pasta.

Paris Delice Le Lillois Sandwich

Paris Delice Le Lillois Sandwich – PHP 165
Chicken, Bacon, Mayonnaise, Tomatoes, Lettuce

Dubbed as one of their best sellers for sandwiches and I fully agree! It was delicious! It was your usual BLT but fortified with chicken breast! For the bread, there seems to be a resistance that I had to lightly pull to tear on each bite. But that minor peeve was overcome by fillings of the sandwich! The mayo was very creamy, the BLT was crunchy and chicken was yummy!

If you ask me, I’d want to go back to Paris Delice to try out more of their bread products as I was impressed by their sandwich. Glad that they are relatively near our home.

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Paris Délice
1 Juno St cor Makati Ave
Bel-Air, Makati
(02) 798-0740

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