Pasto Dinner

Pasto Dinner


We were at Greenhills to canvass and buy a new 500gb portable hard disk. Yes, my 1TB HP SimpleSave external hard disk was full (with less than 30gb of space left as of June) so I needed a new one else my downloads will be stalled. After managing to finally buy one, meet Samsung M2,  we were hungry from all that walking, canvassing and decision making that we decided to have an early dinner.

Since we were at Greenhills, we wanted to find a restaurant that we could not find in Makati to make our trip worthwhile. We were picking between Little Asia and Pasto, Pasto won. Pasto has a tagline, pizza, pasta, panini so we also decided to try one of each. We were thankful for the descriptions under each dish because the names were in Italian.

Pasto Italiano Panini

Pasto Italiano Panini arugula

Pasto Italiano  panini – PHP195

salami, smoked ham, pepperoni, mozzarella, tomatoes, onions

Salami and Ham sandwich! That’s how I would describe this dish. Two cuts of bread with meat and veggies. Were we supposed to add the arugula (leafy greens) to the sandwich? Because we have already taken a few bites before adding it. The leafy greens alone has a bitter taste so I had to add them to the sandwich to conceal it. The bread was toasted well for a good crunch at every bite and it wasn’t messy to eat.

Pasto Italiano Panini Heart

Btw, it was late that we realized that Pasto’s bread had a heart shape. I have already finished my half :(

Pasto Pollo Pepperonicini Pizza

Pasto Pollo Pepperonicini Pizza 2

Pasto Pollo Pepperonicini Pizza – PHP 245

Grilled chicken, roasted bell peppers, caramelized onions, oregano, pepperonicini 

Pollo – Chicken , Pepperonicini – a type of pepper

This has to be the pizza with the most thinnest crust I have eaten. In fact, the crust was so thin that you can easily rip it apart. The pizza also has a unique and flavorful taste (gives you the impression of eating grilled chicken sandwich). They were angry on the pepper on this one because not only does the pizza contain lots of pepper, you can also taste the black pepper (grounded pepper) on it. Lastly, they didn’t use a lot of cheese (something I look forward to in pizzas) but they managed to bring out a very delicious pizza without it. The edges were also crunchy. This was the best among our three orders.

Pasto Gamberi Pasta

Pasto Gamberi Pasta – PHP 235

Shrimp pasta in olive oil. It was slightly bland due to the olive oil (compared to cream based or tomato based pastas). The shrimp was fresh and reasonably sized. We were able to taste the natural flavor to the fettucini pasta with a hint of seafood.

In conclusion, the food at Pasto was delicious at reasonable prizes. It didn’t felt like we were splurging because of the good food. The pizza was made for sharing and so was the panini. Only the pasta had a relatively smaller serving size that the two. If I were to pick one of the three from Pasto, I would pick the pizza as it was very delicious!

Btw, just wanted to mention that we saw Robin Padilla and Mariel Rodriguez dining there too.

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Pasto, Greenhills Shopping Center
G/F Greenhills, Ortigas Ave.
San Juan, Metro Manila
(02) 722-4992

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