Ponsyon by Breakthrough Lunch

Ponsyon by Breakthrough Lunch

Happy Birthday to my sister, Michelle Gurrea! :)

My sister treated us for lunch at Ponsyon by Breakthrough. This was the first time I’ve been here because the place, Plazuela, wasn’t fully open before. Ponsyon serves the same dishes as the original breakthrough restaurant. However, they offer it at a steeper price but with better ambiance. Breakthrough is one of my recommended places to eat in Iloilo and I’m glad that they decided to eat here.

Let me show you what we ate here.

Ponsyon Aligue Rice

Ponsyon Aligue Rice – PHP 90

Aligue is the tasty orange-colored crab fat/eggs that you see inside the shell of the crab. It is delicious but very high in cholesterol. This made the rice very flavorful but it overpowers the flavor of the other dishes so I went back to plain rice.

Ponsyon Pork Chop

Ponsyon Pork Chop – PHP 95

Nothing special on this one but I liked how tender this was.

Ponsyon Managat

Ponsyon Managat – PHP 280

One of my favorites in breakthrough. The fish meat was just so yummy! It also comes with Managat head sinigang soup.

Ponsyon Litson Manok

Ponsyon Litson Manok – PHP 295

The chicken was Ok to me. I’m not really a fan of native chicken unless it is in a soup.

Ponsyon Sizzling Crab Meat

Ponsyon Sizzling Crab Meat – PHP 145

The dish I have been looking forward too every time I visit breakthrough. It is spicy, full of crab meat and very delicious. Just be careful of crab shells that manages to mix into the dish.

Ponsyon Boneless Bangus

Ponsyon Boneless Bangus – PHP 200

They have a different way in serving boneless bangus when you compare it to tatoy’s for example. Although their bangus is not as juicy (vs. Tatoy’s) , it had a similar texture to the managat which I like. They also tasted different and I couldn’t make up my mind which was better. The bangus taste was enhanced by the tomatoes and onions (shawarma bangus? lol).

Ponsyon Baked Talaba

Ponsyon Baked Talaba – PHP 125

I liked how the talaba makes you feel the ocean while chewing on it but it doesn’t have an aftertaste (which I noticed in other baked oyster dishes).

Once again, breakthrough has managed to fill our stomachs with delicious food. Looking forward to my next homecoming and visit to dine in again.

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Ponsyon by Breakthrough
Benigno Aquino Avenue (Diversion Road)






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  1. kutsaratinidor says:

    wow. i just looked at the pics and im salivating already. *drool*

  2. wow, namit!!! malakat gid ko da pag nasa iloilo ko :) thanks for sharing!

  3. Very good! haha :D damo2 na bag o nga kalan an sa iloilo. gusto ko sila tilawan tanan pero limited time lang kag mga 2x a day man lang ako pwde ka eat out. breakfast sa balay na hehe

So what can you say? :)