Primero Casa Filipino Lunch

Primero Casa Filipino Lunch

Primero Casa Filipino

Buffets have always been a favorite “meal” of mine as that gives me a chance to try out new dishes (without a price tag on each) and stuff myself with food. Usually, I go for buffets that has dishes from all over the world so that it would feel like a tour but sometimes, I also go for buffets that serve Filipino cuisine (e.g. Cabalen, Kamay Kainan) because I miss home cooking. Speaking of Filipino Cuisine buffets, allow me to introduce you to Primero Casa Filipino.

Primero Casa Filipino was previously called Chef Laudico’s Casa Filipino. Under a new management, changes to the Chef and the menu followed. Although they still serve Filipino cuisine, they have raised the bar higher and made it more modern. Let’s go around the buffet table so I can tell you more about it.

ohh… prices first! Primero Casa Filipino Buffet Prices

Category Price
Monday to Thursday PHP 398
Friday to Sunday PHP 498


Primero Casa Filipino Displays

Don’t let the pic fool you as they have three buffet tables (appetizers, main dishes, desserts). Let us start with appetizers!


Primero Casa Filipino Baguette Canape

Baguette Canape

Primero Casa Filipino Baked Oyster in Bachamel Sauce

Baked Oyster in Bachamel Sauce

Primero Casa Filipino Hawaiian Coleslaw

Hawaiian Coleslaw

Primero Casa Filipino Karnevorous Pizza

Karnevorous Pizza

Primero Casa Filipino Mustasa Wrap

Mustasa Wrap

Primero Casa Filipino Steamed Tofu Cake

Steamed Tofu Cake

Primero Casa Filipino Thai Fruit Skewer

Thai Fruit Skewer

Going to the next table, we will have the main dishes. Although, there serve a lot more, I only took a few pictures here…

Main Dishes

Primero Casa Filipino Chili Garlic Crabs

Chili Garlic Crabs

Primero Casa Filipino Roasted Angus Beef

Roasted Angus Beef

Primero Casa Filipino Crispy Lechon Pork Belly

Crispy Lechon Pork Belly

(They cannot call this Zubochon as the name is already patented). It may have a different name but it still had the same deadly and high blood inducing deliciousness.

With the two heavyweights (pork belly and angus beef), I hope you still have room for desserts!

Dessert Table

Primero Casa Filipino Rhum Balls

Rhum Balls (no, you won’t get drunk when you eat this)

Primero Casa FIlipino Special Butchi

Special Butchi

Primero Casa Filipino Banana PUdding

Banana Pudding

Primero Casa Filipino Halo Halo Shooters

Halo Halo Shooters

Alright! So now that we have made a tour at the buffet tables, we can now make another round but this time with a plate in hand (link to what we actually ate). Watch out for my next post to see what we tried and our review.

Also, I just want to mention that they shuffle their menu so there would be dishes that you won’t be able to try today but can try tomorrow (e.g. their sisig shooters were not available on our visit).

Disclosure: Primero Casa Filipino paid for our meal

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Primero Casa Filipino
Quezon City
Scout Torillo cor Scout Fernandez
Sacred Heart, Quezon City
(02) 738-2069

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  1. Thank you Allen for calling us for a visit and thank you so very much for this review =) I had a great time dining and chatting with you and Jessa… See you again soon. Cheers!!!

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