Primero Casa Filipino, the Return

Primero Casa Filipino, the Return

Primero Casa Filipino - Roast Beef

The best time to take pictures of food would when the food has been freshly served and no one has taken a piece from it yet. It is easy to do that on a la carte restaurants but not on buffets. On a la carte orders, you can ask your friends that you would like to take pictures but imagine doing that on buffets. You can’t stop everyone from digging in to the buffet just for you to take pictures so the best thing you can do is to come early; before the other customers come in.

An example of this would be our first visit to Primero Casa Filipino. We weren’t able to arrive as early as we wanted to so we had to settle to what was left after the storm. Our second visit would be different as we arrived waaaayyy earlier than all other guest so we had the whole buffet spread all to ourselves.

Still the same rates as our previous visit which was PHP398 from Monday to Thursday and PHP498 from Friday to Sundays.

Appetizer section

Primero Casa Filipino - Appetizer Section

Primero Casa Filipino - Appetizer Section - Pork Sisig

Choices of Egg and Crab Stick Foo Young, Fried Molo Dumplings, Fried Lumpiang Shanghai, Pork Sisig, Bruschetta, Pizza. 

Primero Casa Filipino - Salad Station

Primero Casa Filipino - Salad Station 2

Salad Station

Main Course

Primero Casa Filipino - Baked Chicken

Baked Chicken

Primero Casa Filipino - Beef Caldereta

Beef Caldereta

Primero Casa Filipino - Buttered Prawns

Buttered Prawns

Primero Casa Filipino - Chili Garlic Crabs

Chili Garlic Crabs

Primero Casa Filipino - Kare Kare

Kare Kare

Primero Casa Filipino - Rice

Rice – choice of Adobo Rice or Pandan Steamed Rice

Carving Station

These two will already ensure you get your money’s worth! 

Primero Casa Filipino - Roast Beef

Roast Beef 

Something has been changed in their roast beef as before, it looked like shredded beef (e.g. corned beef like strips) but now the slices are wider. Still the same taste though but you have to eat them fast or else, they would start greasing (sebo-ing).

Primero Casa Filipino - Caprichon


It used to be called Crispy Lechon Pork Belly. New name but crispy and sinful pork belly!


Choices of mini cakes and fruits. More or less the same choices so you can refer to my previous post for it :)


Primero Casa Filipino - Malunggay Shake


Malunggay Shake – PHP 78

You have to order this on an a la carte basis but it was definitely worth it. It wasn’t so expensive and since they used malunggay, it is a very nutritious drink.

My Plate at Primero Casa Filipino

Primero Casa Filipino - My Appetizer Plate


I had one of each and my personal pick would be the Bruschetta and the lumpiang shanghai.

Primero Casa Filipino - My Main Dish Plate


Except Kare-Kare and Chili Garlic Crabs, I got everything available. Personal favorites would be… I loved them all!!! lol

Primero Casa Filipino - My Dessert Plate


As for dessert, here’s what we had. Adding a twist to those mini cakes by pouring chocolate fondue over them.

Our second return to Primero Casa Filipino has been nothing short of awesome! I had my fill of delicious Filipino Cuisine and premium roast beef and crispy pork belly. The only thing missing would be more soup dishes which would really make it complete (but I have Kamay Kainan to go for that hehe).

Lastly, just to add, please note that Primero Casa Filipino changes their buffet menu choices as they have different combinations available. So it will be possible that you favorite dishes won’t be available on that day; except for the carving station which is available every day of the week!

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Primero Casa Filipino
Quezon City
Scout Torillo cor Scout Fernandez
Sacred Heart, Quezon City
(02) 738-2069

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