Quick Dinner at Sizzler Grill Cafe

Quick Dinner at Sizzler Grill Cafe

February 12, 2011

My sister, her husband and I were in cash and carry because I wanted to buy new shoes for myself (for the Insanity exercise videos which unfortunately I haven’t been able to continue =( ) and also to buy tea (flavored teas with anti-oxidants). After doing these two activities, we went looking for food and tried Sizzler Grill Cafe.

So here is what we ordered.

Sizzler Grill Cafe GRILLED MEAT Chicken – PHP 138

This is what my sister ordered (as the chicken lover she is lol). Well it does look good on the outside but my sister discovered (upon digging deeper into the chicken meat) that not all parts were properly cooked. She saw some raw parts (where the meat is still pinkish) and lost her appetite. She did not bother asking them to re-cook it.

However, for the parts that were cooked, they tasted Ok. -_-


Sizzler Grill Cafe Tenderloin Steak – PHP 168

This is my order! :) Sizzling beef tenderloin… well, I was expecting the beef to be soft and tender since it is a tenderloin and it did not disappoint. A bit small on the serving size (if you are a meat lover like me) but it would suffice with the taste and price. It makes me curious on what the other steaks look like especially the T-Bone and the porterhouse. Will they be able to replace my love for House of Minis? or will I still stay loyal to Hosue of Minis?

We only tasted two of the many dishes from Sizzler Grill Cafe as they have a lot of variety dishes from Lechon Kawali, Sinigang (tamarind soup), grilled seafood and meat, and other steaks! I’ll try to try them again when I visit Cash and Carry again or if they have other branches somewhere?

Till next time,


Sizzler Grill Cafe, Cash & Carry
Cash & Carry Mall, South Super Highway cor. Emilia, Brgy.Palanan
Makati City, Metro Manila

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So what can you say? :)