Ramen Kuroda

Ramen Kuroda

Ramen Kuroda - Shiro Chashumen

Ramen Kuroda – Shiro Chashumen – PHP

Looks like I found a nice place to satisfy ramen cravings at work thanks to Ramen Kuroda.

I first saw Ramen Kuroda at their RCBC branch and I was already intrigued by their pricing for ramen. Usually ramen costs around PHP 300 to PHP 500 per bowl but theirs would only cost around PHP 180 to PHP 250 per bowl. I took that as a measure of quality and authenticity so I didn’t try them back then.

Fast forward to a few months (or has it been a year?), Ramen Kuroda opened closer to where I work and we finally got to try it. The ramen costs only PHP 180 for any of the three variants; Shiro, Kuro (with garlic oil) and Aka (spicy). You may opt to go for the PHP 230 version for extra slices of chashu (which I would highly recommend as you would get four slices instead of one).

For those who are hungry, you may opt for their set meals which combines ramen and a dish as light as gyoza with rice or as filling as gyudon or katsudon. For the mega hungry, they have special bento meals with more dishes! But for those first timers like us, a bowl of ramen would be a good start!

Ramen Kuroda - Gyoza

Ramen Kuroda – Gyoza – PHP 100

We started our meal with gyoza. Simple and gone in a few seconds.

Ramen Kuroda - Shiro Chashumen

Ramen Kuroda – Shiro Chashumen – PHP

The Shiro Chashumen would be for those who like to keep it simple. Tonkotsu broth with wheat noodles and chashu. The broth was milky and delicious! The wheat noodles were easy to chewy and not soggy. The chashu… so soft that it melts! I repeat, definitely order the more “chashu” version!

Ramen Kuroda - Kuro Chashumen

Ramen Kuroda – Kuro Chashumen – PHP 230

The Kuro Chashumen would be for those who want a strong flavor (thanks to the garlic oil) on their ramen. It can be overpowering if you keep on slurping on it so be sure to pair each slurp with noodles.

We were surprised at their prices. While the cost of the ramen was cheap; taste-wise it was as fulfilling as other ramen restaurants. Will definitely be back for more.

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Ramen Kuroda

Second Floor Venice Grand Canal Mall,
McKinley Hill, Upper McKinley Rd, Taguig City, Philippines

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