Rastro Tapas Bar and Restaurant

Rastro Tapas Bar and Restaurant

Rastro Tapas Bar and Restaurant

I have been sober for  a few weeks now and that streak will be happily broken by a visit at Rastro!

The Shots

In fact, we started our tour with a serving of TCT or Tita Cynthia’s Tea.

Rastro Tita Cynthia's Tea

Tea-infused martini; sweetened by sugar around the glass, this one was pretty good!

…followed by a shot of Naughty and Nice

Rastro Naughty and Nice Shot


This one is bound to make a hot line as it goes through your throat. The crunchy apple-cinnamon will help diffuse that “aaahhh” feeling and get you revved up for another shot!

Make me a Sandwich

Rastro introduces their new sandwich items to the menu.

Rastro Manchego and Jamon Serrano Sandwich


Rastro Manchego and Jamon Serrano Sandwich

To make it simple, let’s just call this “ham (jamon) and cheese (manchego)“. Generous folds of ham and cheese that it won’t even close properly.

Rastro Organic Pork Chorizo Sandwich


Rastro Organic Pork Chorizo Sandwich

These shredded pork chorizo were caramelized to give it a sweet and spicy flavor. This was their version of the pulled-pork sandwich.

Rastro Grilled Vegetables with Pesto Sandwich


Rastro Grilled Vegetables with Pesto Sandwich

Last but not the least, this goes out to the vegetarians. A veggie sandwich loaded with grilled veggie goodies!

Main Courses

Rastro Bourbon Bacon Slab

Bourbon Bacon Slab

Thick and juicy bacon slab! Sinfully good!

Rastro Paella Catalana

Paella Catalana

I have to admit that I’m not really a fan of paella and I usually skip this dish but for that night; I tried it out and it was a very good decision! Rastro’s paella was delicious! The secret ingredient would be the saffron (brought back memories). and that’s just for the rice! It also had generous amounts of prawns, mussels, more seafood and their spanish chorizo.

Rastro Pollo Iberico

Pollo Iberico

Another great dish from Rastro! Baked chicken with garlic cloves and potatoes. You should try mixing them to fully enjoy this dish. Even the breast part of the chicken wasn’t bland!

Rastro Verdullas A la Parilla

Verdullas A la Parilla

I still can’t get over this dish. The name simply means grilled veggies yet they were very enjoyable to eat (unlike normal boring veggies!). What is their secret? Was it the spices they rubbed all over the veggie slices?


Rastro Tocino de Cielo

Tocino de Cielo

It looks like leche flan but it isn’t by definition. It does taste similar though.

Rastro Triple Chocolate Silk

Triple Chocolate Silk

One of their best-selling desserts. Kiwi on top of a creamy mousse like cake with a cookie base. Don’t forget the mangoes on the side.

Rastro Floating Island


Floating Island

Soft meringue drizzled with caramel. Very sweet and yummy; but careful with the extreme stickiness that would possibly cause a sore throat.

Disclosure: Rastro paid for our meal. 

 Ongoing Promotion

Rastro has an ongoing promotion till the end of February 2014. Whether you dine in Solo, or with a partner; Rastro has something good for you!

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