The Shrimp Shack

The Shrimp Shack Chili Garlic Shrimp The Shrimp Shack It has been a while since we ate at a Market2 (aside from Shakey’s and Bugong) so we scouted the restaurants along McKinley Parkway at Market2 (the street facing serendra) and landed at the Shrimp Shack. The Shrimp Shack is partnered with The Old Spaghetti House which means that you can order […] Continue reading →

Slammin Mini Burgers + Fries and Dip

Slammin All American Sliders Mini Burgers Slammin Mini Burgers + Fries and Dip The first time I saw Slammin Mini Burgers was near the Cinemas at Market-Market. I had no idea about them and I only assumed that since they are mini burgers; I will not get my money’s worth and will be left looking for extra food. Recently, I got […] Continue reading →