Rodeo Grill – A Great Find at SM Bicutan

Rodeo Grill – A Great Find at SM Bicutan

Rodeo Grill

It was my first time to visit SM Bicutan and our purpose for visiting was to take advantage of the SM 3 day sale. Although we weren’t able to buy something for ourselves, we were able to find a nice Panda outfit for Baby Rhyme for his Halloween costume.

Another thing that we did find was a restaurant called Rodeo Grill. It is a restaurant that originated from Cebu and I’m really happy that they expanded here in Manila for us to have a taste. Most of their dishes they serve are either grilled or sizzling, but they also have for sharing items such as soup and vegetables. Also, each menu item refers to the wild west era (e.g cowboys, sheriffs, pistols).

We had a problem with the menu simply because everything look very appetizing that we had a hard time choosing what to order. If only our wallets and stomach were unlimited like their unlimited rice offer. In the end, we opted for the following dishes.

Rodeo Grill - Sgt Pepper's Sizzler

Rodeo Grill – Sgt Pepper’s Sizzler PHP 169
Sizzling Pork Steak

This is one their best sellers. A huge slice of pork; grilled, topped with fried garlic then placed on a hot sizzling plate. It was about half an inch thick but don’t expect any resistance because it was very soft and juicy. I certainly enjoyed it even without the gravy and seconds later; we were already calling for more rice.

Rodeo Grill Wyoming Minty Chops

Rodeo Grill Wyoming Minty Chops – PHP 269
Grilled Lamb Chops with Mint Jelly

Next up we have lamb chops. Comparing it to the pork steak; the serving size was smaller and it wasn’t as tender. It also takes a while to appreciate it as it isn’t something we can see everyday. This would be the first time I enjoyed eating it with mint jelly. Why did I just start now? I have eaten lamb with gravy in the past.

With the two sizzling dishes that we had; we noticed that they are heavy on pepper. You can really taste it and feel that peppery feeling in your mouth like you just chewed on peppercorns. But we don’t mind as we enjoyed every slice of it!

We are definitely going back to Rodeo Grill to try more of their dishes.

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Rodeo Grill

SM City Bicutan
Dona Solenad Ave
Don Bosco, Parañaque

02 5512320