Returning to Banana Leaf SM North Edsa

Returning to Banana Leaf, SM North Edsa

I did not realize that I was here before (see “late lunch at Banana Leaf” post) until I searched for my Banana Leaf post. Oh well, at least, the dishes ordered were different so it would exactly count as a duplicate, right? I also mentioned in that post that I will be returning to try out their curry dishes so here I am (I really don’t get the purpose of this supposed-to-be introduction post because I’m just contradicting myself :) )

Let me start off with the drinks (see pictures above)…

The two drinks are Iced Lemon Tea Hong Kong Style (PHP68) and Iced Lemon Grass Honey (PHP68) respectively. The tea tasted great where you can really savor the lemon. It is nice to drink a few sips at a time else you will taste the aftertaste of tea (where I’m not really used too). The lemon grass drink was also good! It was sweet but not too sweet that makes me want to drink it all, bottoms up! :)

Banana Leaf Roti Canai with Curry Sauce (PHP 78 + PHP 30)

Well, this one is back again. I missed this one so I made sure to order it and for sure, this is a sure order every time I’m at Banana leaf. Do take note that for one cup of curry sauce, you can finish two servings of Roti Canai.

Banana Leaf Vietnamese Prawn Balls (PHP 168)

You will get five prawn balls and a sweet chili sauce which makes it around PHP33 per ball. I say that this is expensive but since I liked the taste, I’ll just let it go. The balls are soft and there’s a hint of melted cheese inside and you should dip it in the sauce because it compliments the taste well. Also, without the sauce, you might get tired of the taste on your 2nd or 3rd ball (that’s what I felt).

Banana Leaf Hongkong Chicken Curry (PHP 178)

Here is the curry dish that I mentioned I will try in my last Banana Leaf post. I have no idea what is the difference between Malaysian and Hong Kong curry but I assumed that the Hong Kong curry is much milder than the Malaysian version (in terms of hotness). The chicken drowned in curry sauce that I had a hard time picking out the chicken from the potatoes (I’m not a fan of potatoes so they have to go). I could taste the spicyness but it wasn’t enough to make me have a runny nose (which was good). I’m curious to try out the other varieties like beef, pork and fish curry.

Banana Leaf Thai Style Coconut Gravy Fish Fillet (PHP 178)

This is something new. This would be similar to the local Philippine dishes with “gata“. However, this one had a different taste because you could actually taste the sweet coconut milk which would taste weird when you mix it with rice. You just need to get used to it because it was flavorful but similar to the prawn balls, there’s a tendency of you getting tired of the taste the more you eat it and you will be looking for something different for your tongue to recover.

There’s still a lot of dishes to try out in Banana Leaf so this won’t be my last post and of course, I want to conquer my spicy weakness for our South Korea trip a few months from now.

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Banana Leaf Asian Cafe, The Block
3/F, The Block at SM City North Edsa, North Ave.
Quezon City, Metro Manila

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