Roast Beef by OhShangHai

Roast Beef by OhShangHai

One of my favorite dishes to eat here in Iloilo is the special order of Roast Beef.

The roast beef is one of our family’s favorite dishes from their restaurant and yesterday, at my sister’s engagement, it has been included as one of our dishes served to our guests. Our guests also liked it because after the event, a lot lined up in front of the roast beef stand and asked for “take home” portions. We also had this for dinner that night and will continue to have it until there are still some left. I’m sure my sister will bring a big portion when she goes back to Manila.

So what makes this very tasty? For me, it is how they marinated the beef. There are a lot of roast beef out there that requires you to add gravy or sauce just to complete it’s taste but for this one, I don’t need to add the sauce. Although the sauce adds more flavor to the taste, the roast beef can already be eaten without the sauce. It is yummy! (sorry not really good at describing flavor).

When ordering the roast beef, the set contains the following:

  • Roast Beef (you may pick one big portion or many small ones)
  • Carver (their employee will carve and heat the beef for you although the roast beef already comes pre-cooked, it tastes better when it is heated first)
  • Roast Beef Sauce

For our order, the total cost was PHP4,900.

Contact Details to come soon or you may contact me so that I can refer you.

PS: Note that this was not the only dish we had yesterday, the other dishes were catered by Mama Gan Restaurant.

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5 thoughts on “Roast Beef by OhShangHai

  1. bring some to manila!

  2. Yummy!!! Definitely will bring back to Manila :p

  3. hi! contact number please of oh shanghai! im from iloilo and i love roast beef. you should try alejandro’s catering too! goodfood! :) thanks!

So what can you say? :)