Saboten Japanese Cutlet – Katsu Time

Saboten Japanese Cutlet – Katsu Time

Saboten Philippines

Katsu anyone? For today, our katsu adventures brings us to Saboten at their Glorietta 5 branch. Saboten is an international franchise brought to us by Raintree (e.g Stella /Rocket Room; Chelsea, Museum Cafe) and for me, that simply means more katsu choices!

This was the second restaurant that we visited in Glorietta 5 after Kichitora of Tokyo in the same day! What can we say; we love Japanese food!

Saboten offers many katsu choices such as katsu sets, miso katsu, katsu curry, grated radish katsu and their unique original rolled tenderloin cutlet. They offer two variants of their pork katsu; the tenderloin and the loin sets.

Saboten Unlimited Cabbage

Saboten Unlimited Shredded Cabbage comes in a bowl for sharing

Each katsu set comes with unlimited appetizers, shredded cabbage with roasted sesame dressing and rice. Shout out to their cold and fresh shredded cabbage as it was really good!

Saboten’s katsu had larger breadcrumbs and I noticed that they have different colors. For example, take a look at what we had that day.

Saboten Chicken Katsu

Saboten Chicken Katsu – PHP 350

The chicken katsu had the brightest breadcrumbs with a golden yellow color. Taste-wise, it was just normal. Next in color would be the Tenderloin then followed by a dark colored loin katsu.

Saboten Tenderloin Katsu

Saboten Tenderloin Katsu – PHP 440 (L); 410 (M); 390 (S)
This is the signature menu of Saboten

Tenderloin katsu is unique to Saboten from my experience. They cut each slice into half … so that sharing would be easier? Tender is an understatement when you try out this katsu. It was so soft like it was biting into a marshmallow. It simply melts and before you know it; you have already swallowed it.

Saboten Loin Katsu

Saboten Loin Katsu – PHP 395 (L) ; 375 (M)
This is the signature menu of Saboten

The loin katsu would be Saboten’s version of the Rosu katsu that you might be familiar with; thick slice with a hint of fat at the edge. The loin was firm as compared to the tenderloin as you go through each bite. I also noticed ligaments near the fatty area that makes it more chewy!

Saboten Loin Katsu Close-up

A close-up of the loin katsu

If I were to pick between the two then I’ll go with the loin set. The tenderloin is too tender for me to really enjoy it. I unintentionally swallow it before I can savor the flavor!

and here’s what I had when I went back!

Saboten Tenderloin and Loin Set

Saboten Tenderloin and Loin Set – PHP 405
One (1) Tenderloin Cutlet 50g and One (1) Loin Cutlet 65g

The purpose of my second visit was simply to strengthen my personal preference between the two and that stood firm as I still enjoyed the loin more as compared to the tenderloin.

Saboten deserves a visit for those who love katsu. They have a lot of choices available that would make you come back for more. For me, I’m curious about their rolled tenderloin cutlet so I may drop by again soon to try it out.

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