Saboten Once Again

Saboten Once Again

Saboten Mille-Feuille Sharing Set

Saboten Mille-Feuille Sharing Set – PHP 1130

Since this was a revisit to Saboten; I was happy to try the other katsu dishes that they have to offer (aside from the loin and tenderloin katsu variants). But before that, I just want to mention that I really like the brightly lit interiors of Saboten. Not only does it provides a nice calming ambiance but it also provides great lighting for photos.

Saboten Tuna Katsu Set

Saboten Tuna Katsu Set – PHP 425
Introducing the new Saboten Original Cutlet using Sashimi Grade Maguro. Deep-Frying time has been adjusted to emphasize the taste of Maguro. Enjoy it with our “Wasabi Soy Sauce”

During my first visit to Saboten, I was already curious on their “sashimi-katsu“. Would the sashimi be cooked when they deep fry it? But why does it still look like sashimi with panko coating?

I picked up a piece; closed my eyes and took a bite. Crunch…soft tender… crunch! No doubt about it; this is still sashimi although it lost a bit of its moist / chewy jelly like texture. I’m glad that they offer an a la carte version to this as I can’t bring myself to eat sashimi as a viand with rice.

Next up, we have another of their new offering which would be the Mille-Feuille Katsu and we got the sharing set (good for 2 but I think can be good for 3).

The Mille-Feuille Katsu Sharing Set  has: One (1) Mille-Feuille 150g, Two (2) Deep-Fried Shrimp, One (1) Loin Cutlet 65g and Two (2) Rolled Cutlet.

Saboten Mille-Feuille Katsu

Saboten Mille-Feuille Katsu
Original recipe of tender, juicy, and very thinly-sliced layers of pork. Enjoy Mille-Feuille Katsu with our grated radish and ponzu sauce

Hello layers of thinly sliced pork! Can’t help but compare this to Kimukatsu as that’s where I had my first Mille-Feuille katsu (still having a hard time spelling or pronouncing it). Unlike Kimukatsu, it only has one variant but I don’t mind as I still got to enjoy its crunchiness and juiciness. In terms of tenderness; I’ll put it in the middle of their tenderloin and loin katsu.

It is suggested to be eaten with their radish and ponzu sauce but ignorant me didn’t read the menu so I still dipped it on the tonkatsu sauce.

Saboten Original Rolled Tenderloin Cutlet

Saboten Original Rolled Tenderloin Cutlet
Rolled Tenderloin katsu made with the most tender pork fillet has been one of the most popular items on the menu since Saboten was found. Rolled tenderloin cutlet is selected from asparagus, cheese and plum.

The Original Rolled Tenderloin Cutlet is unique to Saboten. It looks like how it is named; rolled cutlet with a “filling” in the middle. I didn’t enjoy it as much as the other dishes as the fillings distract me from enjoying the pork.

Saboten Deep Fried Shrimp

Saboten Deep Fried Shrimp

Still part of the sharing set; we have the deep-fried shrimp (where it differs from tempura thanks to the breading). It comes with yummy tartar sauce and I have to note the size of the shrimp because it was really big! I usually finish tempura in 2-3 bites but this one took me more because each bite was filled with shrimp goodness (instead of breading).

That’s it for the main dish and now we move on to the desserts. We had two where the sesame sansrival was a new offering.

Saboten Matcha Lychee Almond Cake

Saboten Matcha Lychee Almond Cake – PHP 210

Saboten Sesame Sansrival

Saboten Sesame Sansrival – PHP 210

Both cakes were just so-so for me. The matcha lychee almond cake was very light and I can taste the matcha powder and the chocolate on top. On the other hand, the sesame sansrival was nutty and chewy. Both were not too sweet so think of it as a palate washer.

Will I be coming back to Saboten? Definitely.

Disclosure: Saboten paid for our meal.

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Glorietta 5
Glorietta 5, Office Dr
Ayala Center, Makati
(02) 625-0909

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13 thoughts on “Saboten Once Again

  1. Haven’t had my dinner yet, the pictures made me drool- nomnom:) Would love to try those katsu, I miss Japanese food so much! That Sansrival looks devilishly sumptuous:)

  2. Never been visited before but I think, it’s too heavy to eat a plate tuna or shrimp katsu. Well, I’ll be willing to try this place soon.

  3. Normally, Japanese food doesn’t entice my appetite, but that Mille-Feuille Katsu looks so tasty. Must try this next time I go to Glorietta.

  4. This is the first time I have heard about this restaurant. The food looks enticing though, I would love to try this place out.

  5. Never heard of this place, but judging it based on your photos I can say that this place is a good find. I wonder about the taste of the foods, though.

  6. Their Katsu and their cutlets looks really tasty. This is so near from the office, I ‘ll try it out.

  7. All of the food looks superb! Especially the Saboten Mille-Feuille Katsu. However, I find them a little bit expensive :(

    • It is around 300-400 per head.. but you do get unli servings of miso soup, shredded cabbage with yummy sesame sauce, pickled vegetables and rice. :

So what can you say? :)