Sambokojin Revisited – What’s New?

Sambokojin Revisited – What’s New?

Sambokojin Marinated Meat

It has only been three months since I last visited Sambokojin – (Read about my first experience with Sambokojin) and upon my return, my eyes and tummy feasted on a lot of new dishes! Allow me to share that with you.

Japanese Dishes (New)

A lot of Japanese dishes made it to Sambokojin’s selection! Here’s a few examples:

Sambokojin Okonomiyaki

“Japanese Pizza”

They now have a variety of Okonomiyaki variants to choose from. I had the one with the most mayo and bonito flakes as I love these two toppings (like when used in Takoyaki)!

Sambokojin Yakitori

Grab a stick and bite. Easy!

How about some old fashion BBQ? In Japan, these skewered dishes are a great hit! Although I wasn’t able try them out :(

Sambokojin Salmon Katsu

Freshly served Salmon Katsu – Cooked only upon ordering

Katsu anyone? Despite having the usual pork katsu selections; I ordered the Salmon Katsu. The Salmon Katsu is the only one in their katsu selection that’s cooked upon ordering to keep freshness and taste. Great tasting salmon in a thin panko coating; nice to have but watch out for the oiliness.

Sambokojin Shawarma Sushi

“Shawarma” Sushi

Despite my preference to not eat sushi or sashimi, it was interesting to see this shawarma sushi. I’d also want to add that they also introduced the temari sushi or sushi shaped like balls. Unfortunately, they weren’t available on that day.

Sambokojin Sukiyaki


Aside from sukiyaki (all meat if you’d like), they have added more combinations for your hot-pot soup. Just picked from the available choices and have them create your soup.

Sambokojin Ebi Gyoza

Ebi Gyoza

They have added two variants to gyoza. The first would be the ebi gyoza or shrimp gyoza (yummy!); and the second one was the kimchi gyoza which I dared not try.

Sambokojin Takoyaki


Lastly, I got a taste of Takoyaki. It may not be new to their menu but I can’t just miss not eating it.

Korean Dishes (new)

Didn’t find much on new Korean dishes though.

Sambokojin Korean Fried Chicken

Korean Fried Chicken

Sambokojin introduces their own version of Korean Fried Chicken that’s available in three flavors. All parts were chicken wings so it was sort of teasing me to get more. Again, no spicy wings for me so just the garlic one.

Sambokojin (Yuk Hoe) Beef Sashimi

Beef Sashimi anyone?

So how about beef sashimi? Anyone wants to try? Not me lol I’ll take my plate of marinated meat; thank you!

You can opt for Sambokojin to Grill for you

This is something I learned from our latest visit. You can ask the servers to help or cook for you to make sure that you will not burn your meat or use the wrong sauces etc… It is a great way to enjoy your meal more without worrying about your food getting burnt. They can even “behead” / “deskin” your shrimp for you!

Also, be sure to ask your server on what else is available other than the dishes on display as not all get displayed (e.g. Yakimeshi rice).

Sambokojin remains as one of my favorite buffet restaurants especially when I’m craving for grilled meat and Korean BBQ. Lastly, I’m happy to see them open a new branch at SM Megamall with a much cheaper price as compared to their other branches.

Disclosure: Sambokojin paid for our meal

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