SamboKojin Yakiniku Smokeless Grill Lunch

SamboKojin Yakiniku Smokeless Grill Lunch

SamboKojin Yakiniku Smokeless Grill Lunch

I have been hearing a lot of good things about SamboKojin so I was happy that I was finally able to try it out. SamboKojin (the Kitchen God) is a buffet restaurant with the same owners as Dad’s, Saisaki and Kamayan. Their specialty would be Korean / Japanese Cuisine where you get to cook them in a smokeless grill on your table (if you have tried Yakimix then you should be very familiar with the setup).

SamboKojin Buffet Prices

Category Price
Weekday Lunch PHP 519
Weekday Dinner PHP 619
Weekend Lunch or Dinner PHP 659
Children below 4Ft. PHP 319


We were the first customers that arrived and that gave me a great opportunity to take pictures before hungry guests like me attack the buffet table. Let’s start our food trip. Similar to how I document buffet experiences, this post would be all about what they have to offer. What we ate would be in a new entry.

Sambokojin Menu Viands3 Sambokojin Menu Viands2 Sambokojin Menu Viands1 TofuSteak YakiUdon Teppan

First up would be the already cooked viands. These range from dumplings, teppan, udon, beef stew and other Japanese and Korean dishes that I can’t remember the name anymore.

Sambokojin Menu Tempura and Fried Dishes

Let’s move on to the fried dishes. These would be the different kinds of Tempura, Katsu and Furai.

Just a wandering thought.. what’s the difference between Ebi Tempura and Ebi Furai?

Sambokojin Menu More Sushi Selection Sambokojin Menu Sushi Selection

The next section would be the Sushi and Sashimi Bar. Although I’m not a sushi lover, it always amazes me to see different kinds of sushi and the many colors that they have. Works of art I tell you!

Sambokojin Menu Desserts and Cakes Sambokojin Menu Fruit Selection

For those who are health conscious and for those who are not, Sambokojin also offers a variety of fruits and cakes to finish off your meal. Compared to other buffet’s I have been, their dessert area seems lacking but I don’t mind because I’m very excited to introduce you to the last section…

Sambokojin Menu Raw Seafoods and Vegies Sambokojin Menu Vegies and Meat Wrapped in Vegies

and of course, the most important section that you shouldn’t miss when dining at Sambokojin! The reason why you picked Sambokojin vs other buffet places such as Vikings or Buffet 101. The food-to-be-grilled section! You would see first an array of seafood just waiting to be cooked and they also have bacon wrapped goodies (as they say, everything goes well with bacon).

Sambokojin Menu Meat all Meat

ALL MEAT!!!! Different kinds of marinated meat that you should absolutely try! Sambokojin offers the most number of meat that I have seen. Three layers of meat just waiting to be grilled and devoured. My personal favorite would be the bulgogi flavor and it is also their best seller. It’s a bit hard to identify their names as they do not have a name plate but the servers would gladly identify them for you.

Each table is also served a complimentary Yakimeshi Rice.

So that’s it for the what Sambokojin has to offer. Watch out for my succeeding posts where I will share what we ate but I’ll give you a clue, it starts with M and ends with T.

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201 EDSA
Mandaluyong, Metro Manila
(02) 726-4520

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