KFC NBA Fully Loaded Meal

Sampling the KFC NBA Fully Loaded Meal

KFC NBA Fully Loaded Meal

After watching Game 1 of the NBA Finals 2010 where the Lakers beat the Boston Celtics, I had a sudden craving to try the KFC NBA Fully Loaded meal. I guess their frequent advertisement while watching the show worked so I went out and went to the nearest KFC branch. When I arrived there, it was jam-packed because it was lunch time and after waiting for a long time, I finally got to order.

My initial plan was to order the KFC NBA Fully Loaded Meal + their Krushers but after seeing the line in the Krusher area (it is in a different place), I opted not to get the Krushers (its time will come someday).

When I got to order, I had to wait for a while because the Zinger looks like a made to order item and there were no good parts. At first they offered me chicken ribs , I was like.. “what the”, so I said, just give me chicken breast and I’ll wait. After another long time of waiting, I finally got my order in a box and went home.

At home, I realized my mistake … the order was missing the fixin’. The NBA Fully Loaded Meal should contain these items so where is my fixing? =(

  • 1 Original or Hot and Crispy Chicken
  • 1 Zinger
  • Fixin
  • Rice
  • Drinks

That added to my disappointment at that KFC branch but I did not let it ruin my lunch. I happily ate the chicken and rice then after that, proceed to eat the Zinger. After eating everything, I was full but I could not forget that I did not get the fixin’ so I really could not judge how full I would be if I still had the fixin.

Here was my incomplete lunch.

KFC NBA Fully Loaded Meal – PHP 175.00

This version of the Fully Loaded Meal is just one of the few versions that I had tried in KFC but this one is the most expensive one and the most filling I guess. I have also tried these too;

  • Original Fully Loaded Meal
  • Fully loaded meal with pasta
  • Fully loaded meal with that pizza looking thing
  • and lastly, NBA Fully Loaded Meal


KFC Branch
along Buendia/Pasong Tamo in Makati. Caltex Gas Station.

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8 thoughts on “KFC NBA Fully Loaded Meal

  1. hungrybee says:

    I love their cookies and cream krushers! Kaso it’s too small for 65pesos hehe kasing laki lang ng smallest ng zagu worth around P30

    • treat me to krushers! lol I will to order one soon as an add-on to any of their value meals. It sounds expensive but I hope the taste will make it worth it. :)

  2. that chicken is puny man.lolz

    here’s something i havent tried yet over here. too bad its not available there


    • Yes, sadly some branches of KFC have small serving size for their chicken so I rarely order chicken from fast food places. Hmm send some here of that double down sandwich hahah :D

  3. hmm have to try it out next time, still love their hot and crispy chicken even after a decade of kfc…lol

  4. jaymeequindaa says:

    Ever since K.F.C. is built here in our place and this “Fully loaded” meal was on the menu.. I’ve been ordering every kind since then… yup… it’s already a must for me to some-what have a taste and compare every version… and all of them are really good on making my stomach full! and this new version is, i think the best so far and the messiest! I didn’t expect that the Zinger sandwich thing is humongous! so I med quite a mess in my living room! ahhaha… two thumbs up for the NBA fully Loaded

    • I would agree with you there. I have tried the original, the one with pasta and also the one with that pizza looking thing (i can’t remember the name), but this one, hands down the biggest meal. However, due to budget constraints, I could only eat this once in a while lol .

So what can you say? :)