The White hat – Trying it out

Sampling Yogurt at The White hat
The White Hat

May 02, 2010

At Trinoma, we had craving for yogurt after we ate dinner and I remember seeing a yogurt store while we were lost looking for our dinner place so I retraced my steps and after going around in circles (lost again), we landed on The White Hat.

Yogurt Regular with One Topping

Yogurt Regular with One Topping = PHP 85.00 + PHP 20.00

Topping was blueberries.

Yogurt Regular with Two Toppings

Yogurt Regular with Two Toppings = PHP 85.00 + PHP 35.00

Toppings were Mango and Peaches.

Actually I don’t know what to expect much from Yogurt asides that it has a mild sour taste (others say it’s very sour but I guess I have adjusted to eat since I used to eat yogurt daily (nestle)). For me, it is an expensive but healthy dessert. I sure do hope it is much more healthier than the ones I usually buy at the grocery where I can see that they add a lot of sugar to counter out the healthy goodness.


The White Hat
2/F Trinoma, North Ave cor Mindanao Ave
Sto. Cristo, Quezon City

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3 thoughts on “The White hat – Trying it out

  1. have you tried red mango? i had that before when i was there. but i haven’t tried white hat not sure about the price diff though..more food please

    • Hi CD,

      I think I have tried it but that was when I did not have a camera yet. Will visit it sometime in greenbelt and make a post about it here. :)

  2. […] So that was our dinner, and we followed it up with Yogurt from White Hat. […]

So what can you say? :)