SAPPE Beauti Drink–Collagen and Fiber

SAPPE Beauti Drink – Collagen and Fiber

SAPPE Beauti Drink – Collagen and Fiber

Years ago, people went crazy about Mogu Mogu. Mogu Mogu is a fruit juice drink with nata (fruit juice with sinkers). Today, I will introduce you to a product that from the same company (Sapanan General Food) that made Mogu Mogu. It is called Sappe Beauti Drink and currently it comes in two variants: Collagen and Fiber.  A little trivia about these two terms first.

What is Collagen?

According to this, “Collagen is like a cement that holds everything together” in your body. We naturally produce collagen but as we age, production weakens thus the need to replenish it via other means (externally). Without collagen, our skin would suffer wrinkles and dry out, our hair would fall out, or simply put, we will start aging.

What is Fiber?

Fiber is more of a body maintenance substance that we can intake. There are two types of fiber (soluble and insoluble in water). Soluble fiber is responsible for absorbing water which in turn makes you feel full faster. On the other hand, Insoluble fiber is more like a scrub for our digestive track. Since it cannot be dissolved by water, it travels all the way through your tummy and hasten the  movement there (similar to laxative).

These two ingredients were added to Sappe’s Beauti Drink.

SAPPE Beauti Drink Collagen

The one with collagen comes in apple flavor and contains 1000mg of collagen. Daily recommended dosage would be 5 to 6g (source).

SAPPE Beauti Drink Fiber

The one with Fiber (and also L-Carnitine which is said to help in burning fat) comes in citrus flavor contains 8000mg of Fiber. I believe the daily recommended dosage would be 25-30g per day.

I tried both and I liked how the apple-flavored collagen tasted more but I guess it is due to the familiarity to the flavor. Both drinks were sweet because they both have high sugar content (collagen variant = 24g, fiber variant = 15g). In terms of effectivity, I can’t say if they were effective or not. Just treat them as any regular supplement but in liquid form.

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PS: If you were wondering why am I talking about beauti drinks … well you are not alone. I was wondering too myself hehehe

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  1. I’ve tried it..lub the taste..the beauty promise just a see the result..

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