Seasons at Manila Pavilion Hotel Buffet Actual

Seasons at Manila Pavilion Hotel Buffet Actual

Seasons Buffet Fruit and Dessert

Now that we have roamed around and saw what the buffet at Seasons, Manila Pavilion Hotel can offer, it’s time to settle down and eat.

Seasons Buffet Soup

To start off, we have soup to warm our stomach.

Seasons Buffet Sushi

Seasons Buffet Appetizers

…then we move on to have some sushi and finger food appetizers such the literal ham and cheese and some kebabs…

Seasons Buffet Dishes

I saw a section of different dishes and I got one of each. (Grilled Salmon, Steamed Fish Fillet, Chicken, Beef and Sausage). Special mention here to their Grilled Salmon as they were able to remove that “salmon” smell. The beef was also tasty!

Seasons Buffet Chinese Selections

Now, going to China Town, I got roasted chicken, asado and a few dumplings. I enjoyed all except the asado which left a bad taste in my mouth.

Seasons Buffet Pork Loin and Dumplings

I’m still sad that we didn’t have any roast beef so we had to settle with their pork loin with the special reappearance of siomai and calzone.

Seasons Buffet Liempo

Seasons Buffet LapuLapu

As for the area where you can ask them to cook (paluto) for you, I requested for grilled liempo (that looks more like pork chop) and fried lapu-lapu. I had to return a lot just to follow-up on the fish and when I got it, it was very salty. On the other hand, the liempo tasted great without the need for condiments.

Seasons Buffet Fruit Salad


Seasons Buffet Crepe

For desserts, I loaded myself with lots of fruits (that induces movement), a taste of their dessert creations and their crepe. The crepe tasted more of pancakes due to the thickness of the crepe.

Overall, the buffet was ok as we did have a lot of selections from different cuisines. But somehow, without any roast beef, it felt lacking and seeing that they had more selections on others also affected our experience. But for the voucher price, I can say that the buffet at Seasons was already  a good deal.

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Seasons, Manila Pavilion Hotel

United Nations Avenue cor. Ma. Orosa Street, Manila

(02) 526-1212 with extension line: 2318

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