Seasons at Manila Pavilion Hotel Buffet Selections

Seasons at Manila Pavilion Hotel Buffet Selections

Seasons Manila Pavillion International Buffet

Thanks to Ensogo; we were able to try out this deal.

Travel the world through food with an international buffet lunch or dinner for 1 at Seasons, Manila Pavilion Hotel (Valued at P1600)

Whenever I see a buffet on a group buying site, I have the sudden urge to buy it as it would be a great deal and so far, our buffet groupons have been a great buy. Let’s see how seasons at the Manila Pavillion would fare. When we arrived at Seasons, Manila Pavilion, the buffet hasn’t opened yet so we were just waiting outside and while waiting, I learned that they have different buffets depending on the day but I’m not sure if that would be covered by the voucher or not.

As we went inside, I roamed around to see what they have to offer. Each table has several dishes and I’ll try my best to remember what they had as going around in a buffet with an empty stomach was torture.


Seasons Buffet Grilled Selections

In the innermost part that’s already connected to the wall, you would see the cooking station where you can pick among chicken, pork and fish and have them fried or grilled. Tempura is available here but they just use shrimps and not prawns. For their meat carving section, we were offered pork loin (aww no roast beef or lamb?). Aside from that, you can also request for pizza, pasta, calzone and tacos in this area. Now let’s move to the next table.

Seasons Buffet Roast Section

Seasons Buffet Noodles Section

Seasons Buffet Sashimi

Seasons Buffet Bread and Dips

Seasons Buffet Appetizers and Fruit Shots

In the next big table, we had more choices on appetizers. They had different kinds of cheese, bread and salad on one side and sashimi and maki choices on the other side. On another corner would be the roast section where you can have roasted chicken, asado pork and pair it with dim sum choices and create-your-own-noodles.

Seasons Buffet Watermelon Art

Seasons Buffet Desserts

Seasons Buffet Desserts Up Close

Seasons Buffet Desserts Up Close 2

Seasons Buffet Desserts Up Close 3

As for the last big table, we have the desserts where you can have your fill of fruits, cakes and sweets, kakanin, crepes and donuts. I like staying in this area because I’m amazed at the artwork (see watermelon art). They simply looked too good to eat.

While writing this post, I checked out the other blogs and I found some dishes that weren’t available to us like roast beef and leg of lamb! No lechon too and there was only Tuna Sashimi. The only explanation I can think about now is that Seasons have a different menu on weekdays (us) vs. weekends (a blogger I asked).

Ignoring my previous statement, I can say that we were satisfied with our buffet at Seasons. The voucher price was just right and we were very full. I just want to mention that they do not put any labels on their dishes so leave it to your eyes and tongue to guess what you are eating. They do say that instead of names, they placed a picture of the animal that the dish came from but I didn’t notice that at all.

Don’t go just yet, I would still write about what we actually ate here in the next post.

Seasons at Manila Pavilion Hotel Buffet Actual

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Seasons, Manila Pavilion Hotel

United Nations Avenue cor. Ma. Orosa Street, Manila

(02) 526-1212 with extension line: 2318

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