Selecta Magnum Chocolate Truffle

Selecta Magnum Chocolate Truffle

Selecta Magnum Chocolate Truffle

I was planning on having a post with the three available variants of the Selecta Magnum Ice Cream but we couldn’t find it in 7-11 nor mini near us. Also, when visiting them now, it seems that they do not have any stocks anymore. Does this mean that the magnum craze is now dying?

Oh well, for now I’ll feature the second variant I have tasted and it is the Chocolate Truffle.

Selecta Magnum Chocolate Truffle2

Selecta Magnum Chocolate Truffle3

The main difference between the chocolate truffle and the classic would be the ice cream inside. The classic had vanilla while chocolate had.. chocolate. If I were to pick between the two, I would be torn. If I want to savor the Belgian chocolate royal treatment or something like that hype, then I would choose the classic variant as the ice cream in the chocolate truffle overpowers the coating. However, if I simply want to enjoy my ice cream without any regards to price or name, I would pick the chocolate truffle as chocolate > vanilla for me.

What about you?

I’ll try to find the almond variant and do another comparison.

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3 thoughts on “Selecta Magnum Chocolate Truffle

  1. I actually enjoy Dilly Bar more than Magnum XD

  2. I love the Classic one! Vanilla ice cream inside, chocolate outside :)

So what can you say? :)