Selecta Magnum Classic – Yet another Magnum Post

Selecta Magnum Classic – Yet another Magnum Post

Selecta Magnum Classic

Jessa told me about the latest trend in the foodie world where everyone was raving about Magnum. Curiosity activated! So after claiming our massage deal at Seri-Asia, we dropped by Mini-stop since it was logically closer to home compared to 7-11 and bought a Magnum.

There are currently three variants to the Magnum being sold now.

  • Magnum Classic
  • Magnum Chocolate Truffle
  • Magnum Almond

For your reference, here’s the prices:

  • Supermarkets – PHP 50
  • MiniStop – PHP 55
  • 7-11 – PHP 60

and now here’s the pictures (before it vanished into thin air..except for the stick).

Selecta Magnum Classic 2 Selecta Magnum Classic 3

Lastly, my verdict.

The first bite was a crunch and I noticed that there was something different about the chocolate. Was this the Belgian chocolate effect? I continued to dig in to the vanilla ice cream and a few minutes later, it was gone. I don’t have much experience on these popsicle like / pinipig types of ice creams but given the taste and the satisfaction I got, the price paid for it was expensive. Perhaps if I could try out the other variants, my perspective would change. Now, where can I get the Magnum Chocolate Truffle and the Magnum Almond as I hear these are going out of stock in supermarkets fast.

Also, I’m trying to juggle my memory but it seems that I have tried this before (in our China tour last year?) but I need to double-check on it.

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12 thoughts on “Selecta Magnum Classic – Yet another Magnum Post

  1. Hi Allen,

    Depende saan ka bumili. In the 7/11 near the mcdo closest to our office (sa front side), we were able to get Magnum for P55.

  2. It’s delicious, but not with “mind-blowing” deliciousness to make one buy it again and again for 50 or 55 pesos. My shallow pockets say ouch!

    • LoL , I agree. I’m not yet that sold to the idea of it being PHP50 because I’m already used to the PHP15 sundaes from ministop for my ice cream fix.

  3. Wala pa pala yung cappucino flavor dyan sa Manila. Try it pag meron na. Mas nagustuhan ko yun. hehehe

  4. Na curious tuloy ako, pinaguusapan ito sa office knina eh. I’ll probably try the magnum chocolate truffle, ito raw yung pinaka masarap, hehehe! =)

  5. Tasted the chocolate truffle at last… mas ok sya kesa dun sa classic.

So what can you say? :)