Shakey’s has a new Spicy Twist

Shakey’s has a new Spicy Twist


Shakey’s has recently turned 40 and they continue to release new products to our delight!

The mini (but eventually grew big) gathering was held at Shakey’s, BGC stopover. Starters were served…

Shakey's Starters

Mojos, Buffalo Wings, Calamari, Fish Fillet and Fries

and then something arrived…

Shakey’s New Cocktails

Shakey's Bar - Mojito

Shakey’s Bar – Mojito

Shakey's Bar - Margarita

Shakey’s Bar – Margarita

Whoa! This is my first time to see alcoholic drinks in Shakey’s. Shakey’s has been one of my personal favorites as it can cater to my forever-alone cravings (e.g bunch of lunch) and group dine-outs with their menu options (e.g. monster deals). It is a family friendly restaurant.

However, I admit that I have never checked out the Shakey’s Restaurant Bar (nor even knew there was one until today). Select branches have one and you can order alcoholic drinks.

The two cocktails were the Mojito (soda and white rum) and the Margarita (lemonade tequila). I made it part of my duty to have try both to compare (smirk). Mojito would be my choice as it had a subtle taste unlike the margarita where you can really taste the tequila. If I were to drink it with a meal then it would be Mojito… but if I were to be out drinking or just hanging out; then Margarita it is. A glass costs PHP 119 while a pitcher costs PHP 399. 

Shakey’s Spiced Chicken ‘N’ Mojos

Shakey’s also launched their new variant of their best-selling Chicken ‘N’ Mojos called that “Spiced Chicken ‘N’ Mojos“.

Shakey's Spiced Chicken 'N' Mojos

Shakey’s Spiced Chicken ‘N’ Mojos – starts at PHP 297

I’m a fan of Shakey’s Fried Chicken especially if I can get refills of their gravy. In a way, I was intimidated by the spiced version because of the word spiced. Then again, there is a difference between spicy and spiced so I tried a pieced and I enjoyed it. Being spiced, you would notice that taste of pepper especially on the skin. It wasn’t the same spicy that activates the faucet in my nose and causes drought in my throat. It still does scream to eat with rice.

As for the mojos, I kinda liked the spiced version as it is now more interesting to eat (coming from a person who doesn’t really eat a lot of potatoes).

Shakey’s continues to bring out new dishes every now and then and that’s a great thing! I’m happy for their success and I’m sure others are too; as noted in the recent “Asia’s Top 1000 Brands” where they came out as the # 58 in the Philippines.

So are you ready to take your Shakey’s dining up a notch?

Disclosure: Shakey’s paid for our meals.

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