Shakey’s Introduces the Pizza Castellana

Shakey’s Introduces the Pizza Castellana

Shakay's Pizza Catellana

My last post was about Shakey’s about to launch a new product and yesterday, I went to a blogger event at Shakey’s Quezon Ave to know more about. My first guess was correct as it was a new pizza flavor, the Pizza Castellana.

So what toppings does the Pizza Castellana have? Well, by the definition…

Shakay's Pizza Catellana Hand Tossed

A Taste of Spain. Authentic Spanish Chorizo, red bell peppers, red onions, real cheddar cheese and pizza sauce all on our world famous brick over-backed thin crust. Buen provecho!

In terms of how it looks, it can easily be mistaken as a pepperoni pizza but the difference would be on the look, taste and smell. Pepperoni has smaller slices (big thanks to our officemates who bought pepperoni pizza here at the office today) and has a more strong “tangy” taste. On the other hand, The Spanish chorizo on the pizza castellana had bigger slices and had this a slightly salty taste (which at first I thought I was eating bacon).

Shakey's Berry Froyo

After the pizza tasting where I helped myself to four slices, we were informed that the main event was about to start and we were flooded with the monster deal! We were all caught unprepared with the overflowing food but I still managed to grab a few chicken slices. After our meal, we were served with their froyo berry, which was available on selected branches and unfortunately, it isn’t on the nearest Shakey’s branch near the office.

Shakay's Pizza Catellana Thin Crust Slice

The pizza catellana would be available for a limited duration (~90 days) but it really depends on the people who want it. It might become a regular in the menu like the steakhouse pizza. Personally, this crosses off the pepperoni pizza on my list and will be replaced by this.

Disclosure: The meal was sponsored by Shakey’s via a blogger event.

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