Shakey’s Turns 40 This Year – 1 to 40 Promo

Shakey’s Turns 40 This Year – 1 to 40 Promo

Shakey's 1 to 40 Promo

Personalize your group’s meal for PHP 1240.

Our favorite pizza-delivery-for-office-parties just turned 40 this year!

40 years. That’s how long Shakey’s has been in the Philippines and I’m happy to know that Shakey’s is still going strong! They have been a part of my childhood with their mojos and bunch of lunch; filled up our big celebrations with their monster meal deals and made our office dinners full thanks to their Buy 1 Take 1 pizza as long as you have a Supercard.

As part of their 40th year celebration, Shakey’s launches their “1 to 40” promo where they give you the power to create your own meal for a fixed price of PHP 1240. Your choices would be: any large thin crust pizza, salads, pasta such as spaghetti and carbonara, chicken and mojos or simply mojo supreme and your choice of desserts/drinks. You can choose 3 main items (e.g. all three pizzas) and one dessert/drink for a total of 4 items for your customized meal.

My personal choices were Angus Steakhouse, Pizza Bianca, Chicken and Mojos then Chocolate Milkshake for our drinks. I call this combination… What Diet? Too bad I didn’t win else I would have been able to take this home with me during the event.

I’m happy to learn more about Shakey’s during the event… how they have started way back 40 years ago and how they have grown over the years while still maintaining the quality and affordability that makes them a great place to celebrate occasions or just have a nice cozy dinner. We learned things such as how much it costs to have a Shakey’s franchise (which can have ROI in 3-5 years!). We learned that they served freshly brewed arabica coffee for only PHP 50 and comes with a free refill! We learned that they use arugula instead of iceberg lettuce in their salads and they still try to keep it priced competitively. Lastly, their question before they do anything.. if Were the customer, would I buy this at this price? If no, back to the drawing board till they get a yes.

What else? Well… hmmm let me barrage you with ….

Shakey's Buffalo Wings

Tender and juicy chicken wings cooked hot and spicy buffalo style.

Shakey's Captain´s Choice

It´s the catch of the sea! A sumptuous dish of crispy fish fillet and crunchy Calamari coated with our special breading, deep-fried to golden perfection. Served with Belgian Fries.

Shakey's Carbonara Supreme

A rich combination of creamy white sauce with flavorful bacon, ham and button mushrooms topped with grated premium parmesan cheese.

Shakey's Chicken `n` Mojos

Our classic crisp, juicy flavor-packed friend chicken paired with our famous Mojos. You won`t find a better chicken pair elsewhere.

Shakey's Classic Spaghetti

A healthy serving of Shakey´s classic spaghetti served with garlic bread.

Shakey's Garlic Bread

The goodness of oven-baked bread, spread with garlic butter and sprinkled with bits of parsley. The perfect partner for pasta and soup.

Shakey's Pepperoni Crrrunch

Spicy pepperoni slices covered with crunchy cracklin US potato strings.

Shakey´s Special

An all-time favorite, loaded with beef, Italian sausage, pepperoni, salami, mushrooms, green bell pepper and onions.

… Hope I left you drooling :)

Disclosure: Shakey’s paid for our meal. 

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