Shawarma Bros at BGC

Shawarma Bros

Shawarma Bros

I’m now addicted to watching BroScienceLife and when we got invited to Shawarma BROS, I was pumped! A restaurant name that has BRO is a restaurant for the modern lifting BRO!!!

… just kidding! (got carried away from all those videos)

Shawarma Bros initially started as a food truck and I used to see them at Cucina Andare (when they were still in front of Glorietta 3) and I have to admit that I have never tried their shawarma during those times. I usually go to Cuisiners and that was it.

They have expanded to a concept store at Pasig and recently opened at BGC Stopover. It was a sign that told me; “Bro, I’m giving you another chance to eat our food, bro food, for those gains!” and I gladly obliged.

Shawarma Bros is all about options!

  • offers shawarma with rice, in a wrap or burrito
  • your choice of bro’s choice chicken, best selling beef or the house special lamb.
  • your choice of dip; garlic yoghurt, chili tomato or cheese
  • Make it a meal with drinks or just ala carte
  • Rice meals have a big bro version (which includes a side order of keema)
  • Can order an extra of anything!

Let’s get it on!

Shawarma Bros Lamb Steak Rice

Shawarma Bros Lamb Steak Rice – PHP 219 (meal) / 199 (ala carte) / 279 (big bro)

Upon tasting my first piece of their lamb steak, I had a eureka moment and was filled with regrets on why did I not try Shawarma Bros earlier. The lamb didn’t have that “lamb smell” that I’m used to smelling. Each piece (despite being thick like how you would slice in beef salpicao) was soft, tender and juicy! It was exactly what you want to order if you want to enjoy your meal.

As for the dips, I picked their greek yoghurt and cheese. I liked greek yoghurt better.

Shawarma Bros Beef Shawarma Rice

Shawarma Bros Beef Shawarma Rice – PHP 179 (meal) / 159 (ala carte) / 229 (big bro)

Thinly sliced beef strips; marinated and roasted equals protein! and extra rice! This would actually be my first time eating beef shawarma that wasn’t diced as it’s usually done in shawarma kiosks. It allows me to savor the beef more and how I loved savoring it! Mix it with their greek yoghurt and you can’t do anything else but to dig in.

Shawarma Bros Keema

Shawarma Bros Keema Rice Meal – PHP 119 (meal) / 99 (ala carte)

The keema came as a side order since we ordered the big bro versions of our shawarma rice meals. It was ground beef in an i-can’t-identify-Mediterranean sauce. I didn’t get to enjoy it much as I had to finish it fast because as it was turning into lip gloss quickly due to the temperature of the restaurant.

Overall, it was a great dining experience at Shawarma Bros. I got my protein fix by eating delicious meat and I felt them gains in my belly!

Disclosure: Shawarma Bros paid for our meal. 

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Shawarma Bros
Fort Bonifacio
2/F BGC Stopover, 31st St cor Rizal Dr
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig

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