Shinjuku Ramen House Restaurant

Shinjuku Ramen House Restaurant


After trying out a Korean Restaurant (Min Sok) before, I suggested that our family dine in a Japanese Restaurant this time. Since this was just a spur of a moment decision while already travelling, I wasn’t able to do any research so we just went to Little Tokyo along Pasong Tamo and pointed at the first restaurant we saw, Shinjuku Ramen House.


Shinjuku Japanese Cuisine Beef Curry Rice – PHP 380

Very few beef chunks hidden in a hot curry sauce.


Shinjuku Japanese Cuisine Chukadon – PHP 275

This one was like chop-suey.


Shinjuku Japanese Cuisine Beef Ramen – PHP 275

Their beef ramen tastes different from the regular beef mami you can eat outside. It has more flavor to it.


Shinjuku Japanese Cuisine Ebishitake – PHP 345

I wondered what “heavy soup” meant when I saw this in the menu. The soup was viscous but flavor-wise, it was ok for me.


Shinjuku Japanese Cuisine Tentojidon – PHP 270

We were expecting to enjoy a tempura rice topping but it only contained one (1) tempura and the rest was eggs. It was disappointing because the tempura was the reason why this dish was ordered.


Shinjuku Japanese Cuisine Pannacotta

The ramen was good in Shinjuku (well, they have to be since it’s a ramen shop) but their other dishes lacked in servings badly. We weren’t able to order their gyoza because I was hesitant on the price/servings however, that might have been a loss because it is one of their best sellers (so I have read). In case we come back here the next time, we would just order ramen and avoid their other dishes.

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Shinjuku Ramen House, Pasong Tamo
2277 Chino Roces Ave.
Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 819-1242

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  1. Thanks for the tip! The serving does look a bit on the wee side, but at least the Ramen makes the visit worth it.

So what can you say? :)