The Shrimp Shack

The Shrimp Shack

The Shrimp Shack Surf and Turf

The Shrimp Shack Surf and Turf – PHP 320

It has been a while since we ate at a Market2 (aside from Shakey’s and Bugong) so we scouted the restaurants along McKinley Parkway at Market2 (the street facing serendra) and landed at the Shrimp Shack. The Shrimp Shack is partnered with The Old Spaghetti House which means that you can order from both restaurants regardless where you sit.

As the name implies, The Shrimp Shack is mainly about shrimps and has its roots from the same shrimp shack concept you can see in Hawaii (thus their decors also showcases the Hawaiian beaches etc). Most of the dishes have shrimp on it but for those who are allergic to shrimp; they also have non-shrimp dishes but why would you do that? (and see your friends sucking away on a shrimp head while you go eat your non-shrimp dish).

On our first visit, we ordered a meal for two called “Surf and Turf”. Surf and Turf is a term usually used for a dish that combines a seafood dish and meat dish. For the Shrimp Shack’s version; you get a choice of either garlic shrimp or chili garlic shrimp and Angus Beef BBQ for your meat.

Let us dissect the Surf and Turf…

The Shrimp Shack Angus Beef BBQ

The Shrimp Shack Angus Beef BBQ

On one side, we have the Angus Beef BBQ. Not really their specialty as despite that good intentions of the sauce, the beef itself had moments of rubber like resistance. After several attempts to slice it; I just ate a large portion and let my teeth do the cutting / slicing.

The Shrimp Shack Chili Garlic Shrimp

The Shrimp Shack Chili Garlic Shrimp

On the other hand, we have the Chili Garlic which we liked very much! The “chili” was subtle so it blended well with the sauce; which was already good enough to go with rice. The shrimps were already skinned so all you need to do is pop them into your mouth and enjoy! I do miss the shrimp heads though as that usually completes my shrimp meals.

A few days later; we returned to shrimp shack to try out their “Shrimp and Match” combo meals that offers similar combinations like the surf and turf but half the price.

The Shrimp Shack Shrimp and Match1

The Shrimp Shack Shrimp and Match – PHP 150
Camaron Rebosado and Golden Crusted Fish Fillet

The battle of the coated seafood! Who would win? It was a close battle but my choice goes to the camaron. It wasn’t your usually home cooked camaron where you would need ketchup or a sweet chili sauce for dipping as it comes poured with a sweet and sour sauce. As for the fish, my only wish was for the fish fillet to be thicker so that the crust doesn’t overpower it in terms on what you can taste.

The Shrimp Shack Shrimp and Match2

The Shrimp Shack Shrimp and Match – PHP 150
Shrimp in Creamy Bisque Sauce and Burger Steak

The creamy bisque sauce was the standout for this dish. I just loved the creaminess and delicious flavor that I could have foregone the shrimp and went ahead with just the sauce and rice. But who in their right mind would do that? Certainly not me so I also enjoy the once again headless shrimps to go with that delicious sauce. I wish they have this dish as part of their regular menu.

I can’t say the same for the burger steak though as it was pretty ordinary; bordering on dry and boring.

Two visits at the shrimp shack in a week means something. If you want to be sure to enjoy your meal here; go for the shrimp dishes. For the non-shrimp dishes, it’s like taking a gamble. It may or may not be to your liking.

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The Shrimp Shack

Ground Floor, Market! Market!, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

(02) 4261635

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