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Siomai House Siomai – PHP 28

Just ate from Siomai House today because I had a sudden craving for it. At a cheap price of PHP28 per order, you will get four delicious siomai with the option to add some chili-garlic toppings. I used to eat these when I use the Light Rail Transit (LRT) from home to work because it provides me with the needed feel-good feeling. Sometimes I would even get two orders and a glass of gulaman to complete my afternoon pre-work snack.

The siomai they have isn’t dry and they serve it to you fresh from the steamer. With generous amounts of pork crammed inside and their serving size, I can have these as my viand when I eat at home. This has been my favorite among the many siomai food kiosks that have been showing up in different places. I suggest that you eat it when it is still “fresh” and hot because if you wait too long to eat it, the taste depreciates a lot (eg. getting dry, losing it’s juiciness) that you would need to either reheat it (steam it again if you can) or just douse it with chili and soy sauce to make it flavorful again.

Since this is a food kiosk, you may be interested in franchising?. For me, I just want to buy their siomai in packs because I want to eat them, not sell them but if you are interested, please read on below…

Want to franchise Siomai House? Here are some links that can help you.

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2 thoughts on “Siomai House

  1. I’ve seen a side car with steaming casserole on it, when I checked it out. I found out that the guy is selling siomai. It’s just P2 per piece, so I ate 5 pieces for only P10… Not bad, it just tastes like pork with newspaper extenders, LMAO! =)

    • really? I think I have tried one of those and it tastes ok for the price. The wrapper is a bit dry though.. :D

So what can you say? :)