Slammin Mini Burgers + Fries and Dip

Slammin Mini Burgers + Fries and Dip

Slammin Mini Burgers Fries and Dips

Slammin Mini Burgers Fries and Dips

The first time I saw Slammin Mini Burgers was near the Cinemas at Market-Market. I had no idea about them and I only assumed that since they are mini burgers; I will not get my money’s worth and will be left looking for extra food.

Recently, I got to visit Slammin Mini Burgers at their branch at Promenade and I can say that it has dispelled my first assumption. The concept behind Slammin Mini Burgers was to offer these burgers in small sizes so that you can easily share and enjoy the burgers with friends especially if you are not the type to offer or accept a burger that has been bitten already. You can choose from a double or a triple burger when ordering. Sadly, they don’t offer single.

Slammin Mini Burgers Regular Menu Items

Slammin Loaded Fries - Beefy Supreme

Slammin Loaded Fries – Beefy Supreme – PHP 125
Beefy Supreme – ground chuck, roasted garlic and cheese sauce, fresh tomatoes and sauteed onion strings

The first one we tried was their loaded fries. It comes in two variants which would be the beefy supreme and mushroom bacon. Since our burgers already have bacon; we opted for the beefy supreme. To be honest, I’m not a fan of fries but if they come with toppings; I’d gladly eat them. I was expecting a taste similar to beef nachos but it tasted more like a cheesy beef salsa topping!

Slammin All American Sliders Mini Burgers

Slammin All American Sliders Mini Burgers – PHP 145 (double); PHP 215 (triple)
“Onion Steamed Grilled” Patties topped with melted cheese

Our first mini burger would be their best-selling All American Sliders Mini Burgers. Uniquely cooked as the patty gets stacked on top of grilled onions then covered so the steam helps in cooking it. It looks so simple; melted cheese on top and onions below the patty. however, the taste wasn’t simple because it was delicious! The patties were very juicy! For sure, I could finish three of these mini burgers.

Slammin Mini Burgers Black Box Series (Limited Edition)

Slammin Limited Edition Black  Box  Creations

Slammin Limited Edition Black Box Creations

Part of the current promotion of Slammin Mini Burgers would be their limited edition mini burgers. For now; they have the black box creations. Three burgers with unique names and toppings.

Slammin Black Box Creations - John Candy

Slammin Black Box Creations – John Candy
100% All beef patty, Cheddar Cheese, Honey Cured Bacon, Sauteed Onions, Salted Caramel

First up, we have John Candy and as the name implies; the burger is sweet! I’m glad that they added bacon to add a bit of saltiness to the burger. Think of it as the a sweeter version of all american sliders with bacon.

Slammin Black Box Creations - Romeo and Juliet

Slammin Black Box Creations – Romeo and Juliet
100% All beef patty, cheddar cheese, honey cured bacon, strawberry jam, salted butter

Next up would be Romeo and Juliet! The attention grabber here would be the addition of the strawberry jam which I believe overpowers everything. I can no longer taste the other ingredients.

Slammin Black Box Creations - The Big Kahuna

Slammin Black Box Creations – The Big Kahuna
100% all beef patty, cheddar cheese, honey cured bacon, pineapple chunks, sriracha mayo, teriyaki glaze

The last one would be the Big Kahuna. I had no idea on what Sriracha was but instinct told me that it’s spicy and I was right! The burger now has a sweet (thanks to the pineapples) and mildly spicy kick to it. This was my favorite among the three! You can enjoy the burger goodness and the spicy kick will make sure that you won’t get tired of it.

We tried all these burgers and I was surprised that I already felt a bit full after eating my 2nd mini burger. I was confident I can finish these without any effort but I was wrong. The burgers were delicious that you won’t notice that you are already going for your 2nd mini burger and it adds up.

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Slammin Mini Burgers

Ground Floor, Promenade New Wing, Greenhills, San Juan City

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27 thoughts on “Slammin Mini Burgers + Fries and Dip

  1. papaleng007 says:

    First time to hear about this food chain. The price of those yummy treats are really affordable. Perhaps, I have to visit the place.

  2. I like bite size burgers since it’s just the right size and you can vary with different mini burgers. I should try this when I visit greenhills.

  3. Thank you so much for posting this. I am a fan of burgers and this is just perfect for me and my friends. With how affordable it is and its variety, it really is a must try.

  4. We’re walking distance from Market Market so this is super accessible to us. We’ve seen Slammin mini burgers but we’ve not tried them. Maybe now we will. You are the second one to say good things about it. :)

    • I’m curious; who was the first? I was hesitant to try them before due to the burgers being “mini” but it all adds up in your stomach.

  5. This is my first time to hear about them and it makes me curious of how the burgers taste like. If I get pass by their branch, I’ll definitely try this out. I’ve been a burger addict lately. Hehe.

    Louise The Legendary Ukayista

  6. Is it the lighting or the photo don’t really look appetizing? Maybe I’m just full from my supper… or is it because the burger bread looks a bit stale?

  7. Thanks for reviewing this burger restaurant. I have seen seeing them around in malls but like you, I was not sure it would be worth the money. Now curious to try it out with the kids. – Fred

  8. This is something I want to try. Another one to add to my list.

    I am such a fan of these types of food. :D

  9. The meat patties looks like SPAM… But I definitely want to eat fries with bacon~~

  10. All these burgers are making my stomach rumble! Wish I could sample each and everyone one of them. Great clicks! :)

  11. Eliz Frank says:

    I have to say I love their name. It made me smile and thankfully, they were slammin’ I don’t eat meat so I’ll take the fries alone.

  12. Holy cow, those fries look delicious…why do we not have stores like this in the UK?!

    Sara | This Girl Loves

  13. Trying so hard not to drool here! I love fries.. no matter how much they add to my weight. :D

  14. Since I’m such a big burger fan… I’d definitely try this! The fact that it is also very affordable and shareable is a good marketing strategy. I hope they open somewhere in Quezon City… I’d hate to like the burgers but have to travel to Greenhills just to have it! hahaha!

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