SM Grocery Roast Beef

Have you tried the SM Grocery Roast Food Choices? (Roast Beef Edition)

SM Grocery Roast Beef


July 28, 2010

Yesterday, after I got my car from Denjo’s for an internal auto detailing + carpet wash, I passed by and entered the SM hypermarket that is just around the corner. I was roaming around there looking for things I could buy at the supermarket and was making a note to myself that this would be a nice play to buy my groceries because it is just so near the place I live. Of course, I would need to compare the prices to Landmark because that’s where I usually buy my groceries.

In the grocery section of SM Hypermarket (or any of their supermarkets), sometimes you will see a mini food court where you can buy food like burgers, pizzas, soup, dimsum but the one that catches my eye usually is the “roasted food” section. In this section, you can buy roast chicken, roast beef, liempo and other dishes I couldn’t remember.

Here are the prices of their roast chicken.  This would be the one I would recommend to buy because flavor-wise, they are delicious and last Sunday, we bought one Big Roast Chicken and it served me for four meals. You can try this if you want to have roast chicken but you are on a budget (compared to Andok’s, Baliwag, etc).

  • 1 Regular Roast Chicken [Teriyaki/Lemon Grass Flavor] = PHP137.00
  • 1 Big Roast Chicken [Oriental Flavor] = PHP169.00 175.00

Yesterday, I tried their roast beef w/rice for a price of  PHP59.00 (at first I wanted the roast chicken w/ rice (PHP55.00) because that is tried and tested for me but I wanted something new).

SM Grocery Roast Beef


Roast Beef w/ Rice – PHP 59.00

Note: If you simply order roast beef, that would be around PHP210.00 per order.

I was surprised on the serving size because it was so small but then I thought that maybe roast beef is usually expensive? I tried eating one piece and it tasted great! However, the roasting of the beef isn’t so perfect because there are some parts that have been overcooked and there are also a lot of fat in there. The serving size is already small and they had to include fats in there so this for me not really bang for the stomach.

You can always get the roast chicken and just cook your rice if you want to have great meals but want to save on cash. ^_^

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SM Grocery Roast Food Choices, SM Hypermarket

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