SM Grocery Roast Chicken

SM Grocery Roast Chicken

Before I talked about their roast beef dish, where I said the serving was so small but now I will talk about their roast chicken. This is my usual meal every Sunday where I buy one whole chicken and it lasts me for four (4) meals. I can cook rice then eat the same viand from dinner, the next day’s breakfast, lunch and have some enough for dinner again.

Presenting… chicken!

SM Grocery Roast Chicken

I usually have this chopped when buying but for the purpose of presenting, I left it as is. Now how do you get a good picture of roast chicken? I did check some examples via google images and my chicken is upside down. Oh well…

In terms of prices,

Normal chicken = PHP 125

Jumbo Chicken = PHP 169

Anyway, in terms of flavor, it could not beat other roast chickens like bugong or baliwag but it is delicious enough to make it eat it again and again. If you are not satisfied with the flavor, just add their sauce (lots of pepper) to add some spice to the taste.

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