Smoke Resto Dinner at Boracay

Smoke Resto Dinner at Boracay

Smoke Resto Dinner at Boracay

Boracay has changed through out the years. From a simple place to go to the beach, it has now been commercialized with lots of new shops, resorts and restaurants opening near and at the beach front. In terms of food, Boracay now offers a huge variety of restaurants offering different kinds of cuisine but a lot of them would make a dent in your wallet. It is not a hopeless case because we can still find good food in Boracay without the expensive tag.

One of those restaurants that offers budget meals would be Smoke Resto. It is a “paluto” restaurant where you can buy raw ingredients from the market (located a few steps from the restaurant) and ask Smoke Resto to cook it for a fee. Aside from that, they also offer rice toppings and Filipino dishes. When we visited there, we opted for the rice topping dishes.

Smoke Resto Beef Salpicao

Smoke Resto Beef Salpicao – PHP 100

Stir fried beef in a yummy sauce with garlic and sesame seed bits. I loved this dish! What’s there to hate when you are given enough servings of tender beef in a very delicious sauce (chili dark sauce). It is a must order in Smoke!

I thought salpicao was a foreign dish but I just learned that this is a local Filipino dish.

Smoke Resto Fish Curry

Smoke Resto Fish Curry – PHP 120

Despite being more expensive, this was our least favorite among the three. Nothing special about it and the abundance of sliced ginger was very distracting.

Smoke Resto Kaopad

Smoke Resto Kaopad – PHP 100

Your choice of pork or chicken strips on shrimp paste rice with egg strips and mango slices. This was our first time eating this and we enjoyed it! The mango adds a bit of sweet/sour taste while the sauce for their chicken was similar to teriyaki sauce. You can have mix them all together to enjoy the dance of flavors.

This was our first meal during our Boracay trip and we started it right. Smoke Restaurant was able to fill our tummies with delicious food. Aside from Talipapa, I would rate this as the number 1 go to restaurant for those on a tight budget.

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Smoke Resto

Station 2, D’ Palengke
Boracay Island
Malay, Aklan

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