Smoking Hot BBQ Lunch

Smoking Hot BBQ Lunch

Smokin Hot BBQ

Update: Smokin’ Hot BBQ is now called Siklab.

We have visited the Korean, American and Japanese themed restaurants of the Bistro Group so this time, we tried their Filipino Cuisine Restaurant, Smokin’ Hot BBQ? Smokin’ Hot BBQ is located where Fish and Co used to be at Greenbelt 3.

Smokin' Hot BBQ Pork Sisig Wraps

Smokin Hot BBQ Pork Sisig Wraps – PHP 225

Our meal started with an order of Pork Sisig Wraps. It is your usual sisig with an added twist; using the wrap, you can easily make your own sisig shawarma. However, the sisig was very chewy for me to really enjoy it. I like my sisig either meaty or crunchy.

Smokin' Hot BBQ Lechon Kawali

Smokin’ Hot BBQ Lechon Kawali – PHP 275

Two layers of deep fried pork with a sauce similar to Mang Tomas. It was pretty normal for me as it was what you would expect for Lechon Kawali.

Smokin' Hot BBQ Chicken

Smokin’ Hot BBQ Chicken – PHP 850 (whole)

Our most expensive dish on the table! Although you might see some burnt skin and assume hard chicken meat, on the contrary, it was soft and juicy. But with the heavy price tag, it’s not something we will order in our next visit unless… you really love roast chicken. We also had doubts if we really got a whole chicken simply because it was already chopped upon serving; we would have wanted it to be served as a whole.

Smokin' Hot BBQ Tuna Belly

Smokin’ Hot BBQ Tuna Belly – PHP 295

Smokin’ Hot BBQ’s version of tuna belly was light colored and wasn’t bathing in BBQ sauce but instead, it was topped with chili. Without the usual BBQ sauce, it had this monotonous tuna taste but thanks to the chili, that gave it a spicy kick. I was able to mistakenly eat some of the chili and survive! I’m improving!

Smokin' Hot BBQ Inihaw na Liempo

Smokin’ Hot BBQ Inihaw na Liempo – PHP 260

Another dish that wasn’t hard yet flavorful. I think the same sauce was used on their chicken BBQ and in their liempo; and with that, I can say that I prefer the liempo version more.

Smokin' Hot BBQ Sinigang na Bangus Belly

Smokin’ Hot BBQ Sinigang na Bangus Belly – PHP 385?

I have to say that this was my favorite overall (not only because I’m biased towards sinigang) as it made everything else taste good especially the rice. For me, it had the right amount of sourness which won’t bring out your asim face and flavorful enough that I poured it all over my plate and bowl. I blame this though for giving me that full feeling that drinking water was hard!

Smokin' Hot BBQ Sisig Rice

Smokin’ Hot BBQ Sisig Rice – PHP 245 

I’m not sure whether it came from the same stock but I liked the sisig here as compared to the pork sisig wrap. It was meatier and the sisig flavor (or perhaps its oil) has embedded itself into the rice giving it a yummy taste.

Smokin' Hot BBQ Alique Rice

Smokin’ Hot BBQ Alique Rice – PHP 285

You can taste the aligue flavor in the rice but I prefer the other two (sisig and black) more.

Smokin' Hot BBQ Black Rice

Smokin’ Hot BBQ Black Rice – PHP 195

I thought my tolerance for spicy food was improving … until I tasted this. I’ve always been a fan of squid ink rice and the addition of sisig especially those bright-colored circles made me want to eat and avoid it at the same time.

For a busy day like Father’s Day, I was amazed at the fast serving time. We didn’t have to wait long before our orders arrived one by one. We ate a lot and I was really full. Sadly we can’t help comparing them with Gerry’s and for overall satisfaction, we would pick Gerry’s. But note that Smokin Hot BBQ recently opened vs the veteran Gerry so they can only grow more!

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Smokin’ Hot BarBQ
Greenbelt 3
3/F Greenbelt 3, Esperanza St
Legazpi Village, Makati
(02) 729-7431 to 32


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