Spanish Iberico Pork Katsu at Tonkatsu by Terazawa

Spanish Iberico Pork Katsu at Tonkatsu by Terazawa

Tonkatsu by Terasawa

Let us welcome a new comer to the Katsu wars. Initially, we had the ordinary katsu’s where we don’t give much importance on where the pig came from. Then came the Kurobuta (Berkshire Pig) that was imported directly from Japan. It would be the angus in the world of pork! Yabu also had an upgrade to their Rosu katsu as it is now imported from the USA.

For today, we will eat talk about the Spanish Iberico Pork Katsu. Dubbed as the finest black pork, these health conscious pigs have a very healthy and natural diet in the forest floors of Spain. They have magically been converted into Katsu by Chef Terasawa which we were able to try!

Tonkatsu by Terasawa Fried Chicken Wings

Tonkatsu by Terasawa Fried Chicken Wings – PHP 190

We had the fried chicken wings as our appetizer. It was sweet, crunchy and was distracting us (in a good way) from the main purpose of our visit. It does have a striking resemblance to the Crispy Chicken Wings of Watami (another Japanese concept by the Bistro Group).

Tonkatsu by Terasawa Spanish Iberico Pork Katsu

Tonkatsu by Terasawa Black Spanish Iberico Pork Katsu – PHP 595

For our main dish, we had the Black Spanish Iberico Pork Katsu. Before I go on raving about it, let me talk about what you can get on their Katsu Sets. Aside from the unlimited rice (your choice of Japanese or Brown) and cabbage, they also have unlimited meaty miso soup (tonjiru – which I really enjoyed), corn and mashed squash.

Tonkatsu by Terasawa Spanish Iberico Pork Katsu - Slice

A close-up look of the Iberico Pork Katsu!

On my first bite, I immediately noticed the difference between the Iberico and the other katsus. The other katsus, especially kurobuta katsu, has this crunchy exterior (thanks to the panko or bread crumbs) and will start to go soft like melting in your mouth as you reach the pork meat. However, for the Iberico, it wasn’t melting in that sense. It felt more firm (but not rubbery firm) yet as you go through the pork, the juices flow out and what follows next would be chewy goodness!

The katsu can be dipped into the tonkatsu sauce topped with crushed sesame seeds (see their cool sesame seed grinder apparatus). It also has a spicy version or if you don’t like sauce, plain salt dips might be your thing.

Tonkatsu by Terasawa Frozen Green Tea

Tonkatsu by Terasawa Frozen Green Tea – PHP 155

As for dessert, we had the Frozen Green Tea! Very delicious! The top layer was like the meringue of brazo, then followed by green tea iced cream and graham crust. A must order in my book!

Thus we have another choice for the katsu-fanatics out there! Do try it out and let me know what you think about the Iberico Pork Katsu!

Disclosure: The Bistro Group paid for our meal

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