Spring by Ha Yuan

Spring by Ha Yuan 

Spring by Ha Yuan

It was one of those days that we just wanted to dine out and try out new restaurants. Gladly, the Venice Piazza at McKinley Hill offers a lot of restaurants that we have yet to try. Our food adventure today would be at Spring by Ha Yuan. Located on the inner part of Venice Piazza and while the other restaurants have this fine dining aura; Spring sports a more familiar Binondo-like ambiance (open kitchen, simple chairs / tables). So after browsing through their menu, we ordered. Oh btw, I’m thankful for their Go Light serving size because it gives the opportunity to try more dishes.

Spring by Ha Yuan Chili Crab Lah!

Spring by Ha Yuan Chili Crab Lah! – PHP 55 (Go Light)

Kani + Singaporean Sweet Chili + Crispy Wanton + Scallion Omelette Strips + Light Mayo

We started with this because of the word “Lah!” which is Jessa and I’s term of endearment. I’m sure there’s a term for this… mantou? cuapao? siapao sandwich? Although it was small, even more after cutting it into half, I liked how the flavors of each ingredient was distinguishable from one another. You would know that it was the kani or the omelette strip or the crunchy veggie. A good start for our meal.

Spring by Ha Yuan Formosa (Taiwanese Lumpia)

Spring by Ha Yuan Formosa (Taiwanese Lumpia) – PHP 60 (Go Light)

Pork Floss, Chinese Sausage, Scallion Eggs, Cucumber, Shallots, Hoisin

I have to admit that I’m not a fan of lumpia but Spring’s version might make me rethink that thought. Similar to the Crab Lah!, their lumpia was filled with many ingredients. Until I find a better English term, I’ll say.. soo siksik!  LoL. It tastes good even without the sauce.

Spring by Ha Yuan Taiwanese Tomato Beef Noodle Soup

Spring by Ha Yuan Taiwanese Tomato Beef Noodle Soup – PHP 210

Another dish that I truly enjoyed. They were very generous on the servings of beef. They used beef shanks (see the beef in nilagang bulalo) which gives the beef a very tender and soft texture. It was like eating a nilagang baka, noodle version, with a tomato flavor twist. Now if only beef cup noodles can capture or synthesize this taste!

Spring by Ha Yuan Zha Jiang Mian

Spring by Ha Yuan Zha Jiang Mian – PHP 150

Hand ground pork in Bean Sauce. Shaved Cucumbers. Bean Sprouts

Minced pork is one of my favorite Taiwanese dishes and Spring serves them up good! I enjoyed eating through the flavorful pork with an occasional crunch from the bean sprouts and cucumbers.

Spring by Ha Yuan Piggy Red Bean Pao

Spring by Ha Yuan Piggy Red Bean Pao – PHP 40

We ordered this one just to see the piggy! Aside from the aesthetic value, it was just a simple red bean pao.

Spring by Ha Yuan Mango Sago Taho

Spring by Ha Yuan Mango Sago Taho – PHP 60

Fresh Mangoes + Mango Puree + Sago

Mango Sago is one of my favorite Chinese Desserts and I was really curious on how they would be able to combine it with Taho. Mango Sago and Taho share a common ingredient which was sago, but they mixed the taho’s syrup with the mango puree. The mango bits were a big plus for me. It was a confusing dish (in a good way) because if you focus more on the tofu, you would say taho yet the syrup and the presence of mangoes scream Mango Sago.

Spring by Ha Yuan serves fresh and healthy Chinese dishes such as lumpia, noodles, paos, and many more. A welcome break from oily Chinese food. 

I enjoyed everything that we tried at Spring by Ha Yuan! What’s even better was that every bite and crunch from the dishes that we tried gives us a reminder that what we are eating were fresh and healthy. One last thing, I also learned that they have a branch at Makati so.. a comeback is imminent.

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Spring by Ha Yuan
The Venice Piazza
The Venice Piazza, Upper McKinley Hill Rd
McKinley Hill, Taguig
(02) 551-8316


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  1. Cute ng piggy! Food looks interesting although the family hardly finds chinese dishes to be enticing. We might try this sometime.

  2. Mango sago taho,,good combination,,

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