Starbucks Green Tea and Berry Cheesecake and Hojicha Tea Jelly

Starbucks Green Tea and Berry Cheesecake and Hojicha Tea Jelly

Starbucks Green Tea and Berry Cheesecake and Hojicha Tea Jelly

Me at a Starbucks store? Well, that’s a rare sight to see because first of all I’m not a coffee drinker and their non-coffee items are much more expensive that their coffee items. However, one item that I have learned to appreciate and order at Starbucks would be their Oreo Cheesecake (thanks to Jessa). So upon visiting Starbucks one day for our cheesecake fix, we saw a new cheesecake offering: Green Tea and Berry Cheesecake and we ordered that one for the sake of trying it out.

Starbucks Green Tea and Berry Cheesecake

Green Tea and Berry Cheesecake  (PHP 140)

It is much more expensive at PHP 140 per slice. Curly white chocolate on top of a creamy layer followed by the green tea cheesecake then berries and the crust at the bottom. This by far is the creamiest cheese cake that I have tried. With it being not so sweet was also a good plus. Unfortunately, my palate wasn’t that advanced to distinguish the green tea flavor.

On a separate occasion, while waiting inside Starbucks (lots of meetings occur in Starbucks for some reason), the barista offered us a free taste of their newest fraps, Hojicha and Mojicha. I instantly found a liking to it so on a separate afternoon, I went to Starbucks and ordered. (again, non coffee drinks are more expensive that coffee drinks).

Starbucks Hojicha

Hojicha – (PHP 140)

A different way to drink milk tea. It doesn’t have pearls on it but it has a huge chunk of Earl Grey Jelly on it that was very chewy. The tea itself was delicious! I planned to ration it because it was pricey but I just couldn’t help myself and I just kept on sipping and sipping and the next thing I knew, I was scraping the jelly from the bottom of the cup.

As I read other food blogs, I do see that these two items were part of Starbucks new offerings and so far, it is a 2/2 for me in terms of “I like it”.

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6 thoughts on “Starbucks Green Tea and Berry Cheesecake and Hojicha Tea Jelly

  1. You’re not a coffee drinker? WHY?!? HAHAHA! I love the Oreo Cheesecake but will try the new cheesecake soon. :)

  2. U8mypinkcookies says:

    I miss the purple yam cake!

  3. hmmm…i haven’t seen the green tea cheesecake and the new drinks…how long was it since my last visit to starbucks? haha…thanks for the info though…parang gusto ko tuloy mag starbucks ngayon! :p

    • April! hehe I’m not sure if they were just limited edition products or they incorporated them into their menu. I can say that the Hojicha was very good! I ordered Venti yet I still wanted more :D

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