Sumo Sam Revisited

Sumo Sam Revisited

Sumo Sam Oyster Teppan

The first time I visited Sumo Sam was on their newly opened branch at Greenbelt 3. A few years later, we visited another branch and were surprised to see a revamped menu and lots of new dishes!

One dish that I remembered was their bacon kani but it was no longer in the menu. Sad moment…. however, I got over that quickly as I already made mental notes on what to order. To be honest, knowing that they offer kinds of Japanese cuisine, I know that they wouldn’t be able to match the restaurants that specializes in a specific Japanese dish (e.g. ramen, sushi/maki, katsu) but I’m always open to be amazed.


Sumo Sam Gyoza

Sumo Sam Gyoza – PHP 228

Their gyoza was dry and was served late thus defeating the purpose of being an appetizer.

Sumo Sam Oyster Teppan

Sumo Sam Oyster Teppan – PHP 248

I have heard of beef or fish teppan but this was the first time I’ve heard of oyster teppan. 7pcs of semi-large oysters, battered then cooked on a pan. No need for lemon or the ponzu sauce!


Sumo Sam Tonkotsu Ramen

Sumo Sam Tonkotsu Ramen – PHP 358

Only one order of Ramen and I got the Tonkotsu Ramen. I am confused here because isn’t Tonkotsu already a type of ramen broth as it is? So I was wondering why they made me choose from shio, shoyu and miso when I ordered this. I picked miso btw.

As I took a sip of the broth, it does taste like a miso-based broth so I’m lost on the tonkotsu part. Didn’t enjoy this as much as I’d like so it won’t be on my to-order-again list.

Rice Bowls

If there’s something I miss in terms of Japanese Cuisine then it would be donburi and I’m glad that Sumo Sam had an array of donburi dishes to be enjoyed. They used rice that was long and a bit sticky so it was easy to eat with chopsticks.

Sumo Sam Beef Gyudon

Sumo Sam Beef Gyudon – PHP 358

My favorite donburi and I’m glad it was topped with a lot of protein-loaded beef and a nice looking egg. It managed to hit my taste buds right but I do miss the taste of pickled ginger. Either I didn’t notice it or it simply wasn’t there.

Sumo Sam Chicken Teriyaki Don

Sumo Sam Chicken Teriyaki Don – PHP 328

The chicken teriyaki would be something to try too. Numerous slices of grilled chicken topped with sesame seeds, onions and shredded nori. It had me at the taste of grilled chicken.

Sumo Sam Katsudon

Sumo Sam Katsudon – PHP 328

Last but not the least would be the katsudon. Another dish that I enjoyed as I can really taste the egg and the pork. The breading of the pork? It was negligible which was a good thing. Another plus for me would be that their katsudon costs less than than their tonkatsu.

Sumo Sam did well in changing their menu and I enjoyed eating here especially their rice bowls. However, there might be some dishes that I feel needs modifications *cough* ramen.. *cough*..

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