Sweet Snack at Crepes and Cream

Sweet Snack at Crepes and Cream

February 26, 2011

While looking for a light snack before settling down to watch the Pyroolympics, we decided to eat at Crepes and Cream. The place was so small that we had to stand for a while because there were no available seats. I’m glad a group decided to stand up and leave the restaurant (after chatting for a long time). So I quickly made my move to grab those seats even though the table hasn’t been cleaned yet.

Crepes and Cream offers crepes that look like ice cream (they shape the crepe like an ice cream cone). Either you choose from a pre-made combination of sweet crepes or you can have a create-your-own crepe where you can choose the fruit and the toppings you want. What caught our attention was their “savoury crepe” where instead of the usual fruits, ice cream and other toppings that you would usually see in a crepe, the toppings were chicken, beef, pork etc… It is like a sandwich but the bread is made out of crepe or maybe you can think of it as an omelet but instead of the egg wrapping the ingredients, it is wrapped by a crepe.

So anyway, let us proceed with what we ordered (PHP95 each). I forgot to take pictures before we start eating them… :D

Crepes and Cream Delight

Banana Crepe Deleche

Taste wise there isn’t much of a difference between the two because the crepe tastes the same but it would only differ in the ingredients inside. Nothing extra ordinary that would make you want to go back again and again. Just a warning though, when you are near the finish line, it starts to get messy and my own crepe leaked on me while I took a bite.

I also would like to comment on the cleanliness of the place as there were lots of insects there and that is a no-no especially if you are eating something sweet and sticky. You don’t want them to just drop by your crepe and get stuck (new flavor anyone?). It has been a bother trying to shoo them away but they keep on coming back. It is something that their management needs to address as the customers can’t relax while eating because of the dangers of insect landings.

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Crepes & Cream, SM Mall of Asia
CT102 Main Mall SM Mall of Asia, SM Central Business Park, Bay City
Pasay City, Metro Manila

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