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Quim’s Cake – More than the Five Million

Quim’s Cake – More than the Five Million

Quim's Cafe - Chef Jack Labang

Quim’s Cafe – Chef Jack Labang

Remember the Chef that blurted out a promise of five million worth of cakes should Duterte should win?

Chef Jack Labang, executive chef of Quim’s Cake and Bakeshop Cafe, simply said what was on his mind on social media and it got seen/shared/commented/bashed by the supporters. He made a promise and it was this promise that people taunted him to fulfill. Good news! He will fulfill his promise and Quim’s Cake and Bakeshop Cafe has shared the mechanics on how will this cake-giving activity commence.

Personally, I was hesitant to visit Quim’s Cafe after seeing all the social media postings about it; which mainly focuses on the promise. Still decided to give it a try and surprisingly, got surprised. They aren’t just a cake or bakeshop cafe; they also offer rice meals, sandwiches and burgers as well. These aren’t your usual recipes as each dish is a fusion of different cuisines thus they have their own unique twist. Allow me to share to you the dishes concocted by Chef Jhollow Ignacio “singing chef”.

Quim's Cafe - Chef Jhollow Ignacio and Chef Jack Labang

Quim’s Cafe – Chef Jhollow Ignacio and Chef Jack Labang


Quim's Cafe - Hondashi Pasta

Quim’s Cafe – Hondashi Pasta – PHP 180

The hondashi pasta is what you can call as the Japanese Seafood Carbonara. No bacon for you but you will get hondashi and bonito flakes, and shrimp! It wasn’t oozing with cream but it was just light (barely enough for the noodles) so you can enjoy more of the toppings.

Quim's Cafe - Heartbreaker Pasta

Quim’s Cafe – Heartbreaker Pasta – PHP 180

On the other hand, the heart breaker was oozing with aligue which makes it yummy and addicting. Such a simple dish as it was simply pasta and aligue sauce. I’d call it the heart stopper if given a chance.


Quim's Cafe - Pulled Pork BBQ Burger

Quim’s Cafe – Pulled Pork BBQ Burger – PHP 230

The pulled pork bbq burger was literally as the name implied. Juicy pork strips (pulled pork) drenched in bbq sauce, topped with melted cheese and lying on a bed of veggies.

Quim's Cafe - Red Hot Dory Burger

Quim’s Cafe – Red Hot Dory Burger – PHP 250

The red bun in this burger was to emphasize that you are about to eat something hot and spicy. The crispy dory was wrapped by the salty bacon but where does the spiciness come from? It was the sauce (sriracha mayo) I tell you and it easily surpassed my spiciness tolerance.

PS: Their burgers are HUGE!


Salmon Sinigang is a common dish but what about Salmon Sashimi Sinigang? Seriously? Yes! Props to Chef Jhollow Ignacio for this innovative and unique dish.

Quim's Cafe - Sashimi Mango Sinigang

Quim’s Cafe – Sashimi Mango Sinigang – PHP 299

The Sashimi Mango Sinigang starts as a deconstructed dish where the broth doesn’t get mixed until you are ready to eat it. I think the broth cooks the salmon a bit but I could still feel the jelly-like texture that reminds me that I’m eating sashimi. The sourness of the broth is brought to you by carabao green mangoes. Again, another twist from the common sampaloc or batuan.

Quim's Cafe - Pigar Pigar

Quim’s Cafe – Pigar Pigar

Pigar Pigar is a local treat from Pangasinan that the Chef proudly brought to Quim’s. Thinly sliced beef sauteed over white onions. Very simple yet delicious!

Quim's Cafe - Pigtasilog

Quim’s Cafe – Pigtasilog – PHP 179

We got to taste it ala carte but on the menu, it is their own version of tapsilog called Pigtasilog. It doesn’t taste much like tapa but more of bistek tagalog without the sauce. Their silog meals comes with two eggs! Yum yum!

Quim's Cafe - Roasted Pork Belly in Choco-Bagoong Sauce

Quim’s Cafe – Roasted Pork Belly in Choco-Bagoong Sauce – PHP 259

At first, it does look like dinuguan but instead of pig blood, chocolate and bagoong was used. My palette got confused as it smells like binagoongan with a slight taste of dinuguan.


Lastly, we got to taste the “5 million cakes“.

Quim's Cafe - Chocolate Moist Cake

Quim’s Cafe – Chocolate Moist Cake

Chocolate moist was just moist all over. Being a chocolate person, I enjoyed this cake!

Quim's Cafe - Chunky Carrot Cake

Quim’s Cafe – Chunky Carrot Cake

The carrot cake was chunky and not as sweet as the chocolate moist. It isn’t common for me to try carrot cakes so I didn’t have much expectation / knowledge about it.

Quim’s Cafe is not just about cakes and certainly not just about that 5 million worth of cakes promise. They serve unique and delicious dishes that you can cap off with their cakes and pastries. A full meal on every visit if budget permits; and talking about budgets, they won’t burn a hole in your wallet. They serve affordable dishes where each dish presents a unique twist.

Disclaimer: Quim’s Cafe paid for our meal.

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Quim’s Cake

No 38. Tomas Morato Blvd.
Quezon City

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