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Fried Chicken

Relik Restaurant and Bar

Relik Milo Dinosaur Cheesecake Relik Restaurant and Bar Relik used to be a place where friends and soon-to-be-friends can hang-out and just party their night with good food and good tugs tugs tugs tugs music. With a new flooring and overall redesign; Relik has revamped itself with brighter interiors to have a change in “ambiance”. The change also brings […] Continue reading →

Uncle Cheffy’s Unlimited Cracklings Promo

Uncle Cheffy's Unlimited Chicken and Pork Cracklings Promo Uncle Cheff’s Unlimited Cracklings Promo How can you improve on an incredibly affordable meal? Make it unli at the same price! That’s exactly what Uncle Cheffy did with their latest promo. Update: Pork Cracklings has been replaced by Calamares for the PHP 199 promo. You need to add PHP 35 to include unlimited Pork Cracklings. Continue reading →