Tampopo – Ramen and Katsu in One!

Tampopo – Ramen and Katsu in One!

Tampopo Katsu Set

Tampopo Chicken Katsu Set

I would have wanted to show their katsu and ramen to start the post but as of writing/eating; their Kyushu Ramen were out of stock and that’s the only menu item that had both ramen and katsu. Well anyway…

Tampopo initially aroused my curiosity when I saw their branch at Greenhills. Months later, I would know that they also have a branch at BGC so a mental note was made for a visit. I only knew two things about Tampopo before our visit; 1. they have a dish with ramen and tonkatsu in one. and 2. they have a much-more-expensive-than-kurobuta katsu which was the deluxe black pig.

(Good to know and trivia to share with your friends with a smug look .. uuhhhhhhhh) Tampopo was franchised to us by former UAAP rivals in the sea of green and blue; Chris Tiu and TY Tang!

Tampopo Ramen Dishes

For ramen, they serve either Hokkaido and Kyushu ramen. The difference would be in the noodles; thick and chewy vs thin and hard.

Tampopo Miso Deluxe Ramen

Tampopo Miso Deluxe Ramen – PHP 420

Tampopo Deluxe Hakodate Ramen

Tampopo Deluxe Hakodate Ramen – PHP 420

I just want to mention that these “thick and chewy” noodles were very filling. I had a small bowl of the miso ramen because my mother can’t finish her order and that was a mixture of bad and good idea. Good idea because I got to enjoy a ramen and katsu separately but bad because it robbed my stomach of precious space for my katsu order.

To add to that; the ramen comes with egg (tamago?), nori (seaweeds), chashu (pork), corn, and veggies in a tonkotsu broth. With all these toppings, it really looked amazing and you have found yourself a complete meal! However, we had a short coming with the flavor of the broth.

The miso ramen was salty! Not as salty as swimming in the sea but salty enough to bother you as you take a sip of your soup. On the other hand, the hakodate was bland. Either our tongue got numbed from the miso or it was really watered down.

Tampopo Katsu Dishes

The katsu sets comes with unli rice and cabbage; but the miso soup and fruits are not.

Tampopo Chicken Katsu

Tampopo Chicken Katsu – PHP 340 (set) / PHP 270 (a la carte)

First up was the chicken katsu. Exactly as their menu’s description was; tender and juicy. The breading wasn’t thick so you can enjoy the chicken meat more.

Tampopo Cheese Layer Cutlet

Tampopo Cheese Layer Cutlet – PHP 460 (set) / PHP 390 (a la carte)

For cheese lovers, you can go with their cheese layer cutlet. On first bite, it reminds me of the mille-feuille katsu due to the tenderness of the meat. It was oozing with oil and cheese. Delicious!

Tampopo Top Grade Black Pig Tonkatsu

Tampopo Top Grade Black Pig Tonkatsu – PHP 750 (set) / PHP 680 (a la carte)

Challenge Accepted! The most expensive katsu (kurobuta comes second) that I have tried. Despite having the label “top grade“, it wasn’t as tender as I expected. The “chewiness” of the pork reminds me of the Spanish Iberico Katsu which had a firm texture. It won’t have this melt in your mouth softness or to simply give way as your teeth sinks into it. Instead, it would fight for a bit until it succumbs to your mastication.

I don’t know how many grams were in this order but all I can was; a lot!

So what else did I miss? Ahh the kyushu ramen. I hope we can revisit and try out their kyushu ramen line although there’s already a bit of hesitation due to our experience with their hokkaido ramen.

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G/F Bonifacio High Street Central, 7th Ave cor 29th St
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
(0917) 893-3218


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