Tapa King’s Super Budget Meal Promo

Tapa King’s Super Budget Meal Promo

Tapa King Super Budget Meal

Tapa King Super Budget Meal – PHP 88

Hey guys, just wanted to share this promo from Tapa King.

Tapa King‘s Super Budget Meal Promo

For only PHP 88, have a complete meal with soup and drink!

Promo Period from April 25 and extended up to Dec 31, 2014

The meal includes an order of tapa (your choice of original, spicy, or sweet and spicy), garlic rice, one fried egg, atchara, and one piece siomai. It also comes with a bowl of molo soup and one glass of iced tea.

If you check out the items in their menu; this would really be a great deal as their regular items with drinks would cost roughly double the price.

This has become one of my quick-lunch fixes when I’m too lazy to cook something or if I don’t want to waste time thinking on where do I eat. It’s very convenient because there’s a tapa king branch at the same building where I live and another one in the mall I have to pass to get to the MRT.

For the full poster; please see image below.

Tapa King Super Budget Meal Poster

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